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I hope you're reading the miniseries or Wish You were Here. There's a list of "Where to start" with crossed on the subreddit I might post here for the curious. Not all of it's good, but it's a decent list of stuff worth tango-ing with.

Pic related is another absolutely brilliant moment and I love the chick who ends up with the short stick. It's something I'm considering stealing for an eventual apocalyptic survival game I'd like to run.

It's also rare in that unlike a lot of similar stories, every major member of the group has some level of use, and even the douchebag characters get a fully fleshed out personality. There's also rare moments of beauty in there when they manage to get away, stuff like the arctic wolves later in the winter chapter. Even one off dick characters like Brett, there's a reason they stick with the group or are allowed to.

I do consider the original miniseries-arc a... remarkably humanist work despite its reputation. A big focus on the series is people and their value, even if it's understated. The party feels every depth and nobody who sticks around is entirely useless. The characters feel each death or loss and grieve when they have time to grieve. They never relish in killing anyone they don't have to, which is why when the Brett thing happens it's a big deal and forces the MC to stop and think.

Fuck, Crossed Dead Or Alive, which was written by Ellis himself is literally about a piece of shit "survival at all costs" edgelord type who tries to screw over the survivors he's with "out of survival" and suffers greatly for it.

In any nihilistic goreporn edgelord story that story probably wouldn't end that way, or have that moral.

I ran something semi-similar once in a dead island type setting with friends during a game of Ten Candles. The prompt for the Threat I got was "They eat each other".
The players managed to save a family by setting them on a boat before the final scene though, so that was good.

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