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Oh Jake

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I figure that since I started the thread I may a well start it up. If anyone else has stories I'd be interested to hear them as well.

Right at character creation I knew the group would be... interesting. I gladly encourage creativity, but I was not prepared for what exactly people wanted to play. Here's what I ended up with:
>Ratfolk alchemist who produces alcohol and is socially awkward
>Crow sorcerer whose studies at their wizard lodge have basically turned into a high school anime
>Minotaur runt bard who wants to open a book store
>Ratfolk gunslinger who is collecting on his father's debt
>Ratfolk chaotic asshole rogue
Over the summer I designed the campaign to be a city adventure based off of the Second Darkness AP. So far the group managed to get jobs at a gambling hall, and have acclimated well to a city where they are the only ones of their kind.

Character #4 was the one to bite the bullet. They were on a trip to the docks to pick up a delayed delivery of wine casks, where another gang lord's cronies had showed up to take the stuff before the party had a chance to finish the deal. Naturally, a fight ensued.

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So /tg/ what should I do for my next painting project for my blog I have several items that are all about equal on the list of "junk-to-do" your choices are,
noise marines, tyranids (probably gargoyles), Chaos warriors, blood angels, a singular skaven model, my Chaos trolls warband, Tribal goblins, or more traitor guard?

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