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more scouts

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with the meta shift. ratilings are a VERY underestimated unit.

100 points for 10 sniper rifles with infiltrate and stealth.

granted they only have LD 6. but there are ways to get around that.

i have been running 20 ratlings in my IG list.

1st time everyone pays no attention to them... then i shoot. suddenly they are priority target because they open up wraithknights like nobody business.

they are not so good vs riptides because i really need a 6 to wound to get the rending because 2+ save.

but yeah. 20 shots = 13 ish hits = 6.5 wounds 2 of which are rending..

so wraithknights take 2 wounds and then 4 saves fail one and are now down to 3 wounds or 1 or 2 if im lucky.

another volly of squat sniper fire and its down.

marine sniper scouts work to. and if you take marines you also get sweet sweet grav guns.

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Does anyone here have scans of Dark Vengeance Chaplain Seraphicus rules?

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> tropical storms.
>Not sure how to do this
Pretty sure DH hs a weather effects table...
Apparently not but it says any test in harsh weather or unnatural conditions, such as standing in heavy
rain, an ash storm or knee-deep in waves of fungus are consideredHard (-20).

> toxic plants with effects that are either potentially deadly, or mimic certain effects from the hallucinogen grenade table.
>What would be an appropriate defence?
Toughness, rebreathers, gas masks

also eldar, but that might be a -bit- mean

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Ah okay, thanks.

Also sounds like what I want!

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This the one you're after?

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>However, a score of Knights remained behind on Malan'tai, in order to guard the remaining spirit stones until another craftworld could be contacted to retrieve them.2: p.14

consorting with xenos

fucking ward I swear

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Sorry, already got those.

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On that note, has anyone ever used Mordheim or something for a co-op game instead of an adversarial one? Like people build up their resources and so on to use together against a DM-type character?

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Scouts, conveniently given the environment, of the Dark [green] Angels. Scout training is supposed to focus on reconnaissance, stealth, and ambush tactics. It is hard to do this while colored bright, solid, primary colors.

Even in pic related, note the camouflage wrap on the sniper rifles.

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Good evening /tg/

I am currently in a bind. I am a new player and am currently building a Guardsmen army in Warhammer 40k tabletop. The issue I am having is that I am a poor fag and building my list is taking some time as I only buy models when I get an excess of cash together and can spare it. I would like to play test my army before it is fully built so I can get the kinks worked out and play the army how I want it played. A friend of mine told me about a website where you build your army digitally and play with others online. This sounds ideal but despite my best efforts, he still hasn’t told me the name of said site. I was hoping that you fine gentlemen would have the information I am in search of.

Please help me finish my army,
Guard fag

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