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Im five minutes into that vid and your attitude nullifies your opinion. All I saw in your T0C vid were two jackasses that looked like they wanted nids to die horribly without giving them a chance. Kindly piss off before you dig yourself any deeper.

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So /tg/ I was stripping the paint off my old fantasy orc army when I hit a bit of a snag. A 50/50 pinesol/water mix was made and i dunked the plastic guys into it then set it out on the porch for 8 hours (pewter figures went into pure acetone btw). However when I got them and began to scrub some of the paint gummed up and began smearing on like paste and repainting the model a baby shit color. It got on my gloves and eventually any part of the model I touched also got "painted". What did I do wrong? Should they be left in longer, or is this just a thing and i have to deal with it? Help me /tg/

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No contest. Space Marines would rape those fuckers.

>Chapter Ingsa

A new chapter has been created to destroy them.

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You were the assistant manager correct? But no, my dreads weren't been modelled that way.

Sounds freaking boss though

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Well, without adding special characters what would you contribute to this?

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im bumping this

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A killakan just seems like you should HAVE to make it yourself.

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