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Some note worthy bits from the ADB interview yesterday :

-The traitor legions and renegades are the ultimate underdogs

-Early in his BL career. ADB was too intimidated to write about the Black Legion since he had to go deep into the metaphysics of Chaos and Abaddon's history and place in the setting. He viewed it as something above his pay grade so he went with something more down to earth. A down on their luck warband from an easy to understand legion. The Night Lords!

-Despite all of that, ADB couldn't resist having an Abaddon cameo in the Night Lords series. Talos smack talks Abaddon about all of them being in the shadows of their fathers. From Talos' PoV, he thinks he is right but truly he is mostly wrong. The whole Night Lords trilogy is about the self delusion of the Night Lord characters. For Talos this was the greatest day in his life to give Abaddon a piece of his mind. As for Abaddon, He couldn't care less. The whole thing was just a favour for an allied warlord. Abaddon's energy during all of it was "ehm hmm yeah. Okay *checks his clock* are you done?". To Abaddon, Talos was just a tiny gnat squeaking at him.

-All the traitor legions walk the Path to Glory but do it in their own way. Even the ones that shun Chaos.

-There is no traitor legion that hates Chaos more than the Black Legion. However, it's all they got so they are struck with it. They are mature enough to understand that Chaos is awful but it's their only means to achieve their goals. This isn't something new. It's lore that dates back to 2nd edition.

-The Night Lords are the opposite of that. They claim that they are untouched by Chaos but in reality everything in their existence opens their hearts to Chaos. Therefore, they are as tainted and damned as any of the traitor legions.

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There's a lot of awesome art that just will not translate into plastic. You have to let go.

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These four chaps walk up to you and slap your loyalist gf's ass

What do you do?

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>new art
all new art is literally paintings of unmodified models. And that shit sucks.
>tfw Triumvirate of Abaddons Chosen never materialized

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You can have an army of Chaos undivided like others have said.

It's ok in the fluff too. Pic related, 4 killer dudes working together and each worshipping one of the gods.

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And how the heck does gw expect a dude to bring multiple 20 man troops of power armor AND make any non patrol detachments AND have enough space for support units? It's feasible at 2000, but below that you're looking at just having shit for CP

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Both are ok, I just prefer Sci-fi a bit more, not entirely sure why.

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Triumvate of the Chosen of Abaddon who are now Daemon Princes.

Ygethmor not present because he was killed on Medusa V and there's been enough Thousand Sons / Sorcerer releases recently

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FUCK YES. Ygethmor wanted Daemonhood and failed at Medusa V and was apparently killed by the Autarch of Alaitoc, so it would be perfect to have Black Legion special characters who each are dedicated to Khorne, Nurgle and Slaanesh.

The last thing Chaos needs is more Tzeentch/Sorceror shit.

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I always assume Dark Age tech was pretty absurd, bordering on Culture-level stuff in some cases. So weather control is pretty standard.
Sure senpai, what's the question?

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They're still capable of stealth though. They only totally 'zerk out when it's time to go full Hotline Miami on a room full of enemies of the Imperium.

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Sure thing, easy fix. They can function as the noble class between the Voidwatcher and the rest of the Legion. What do you think?

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1e is generally inferior. However, with some house ruling, streamlining and a lot of love you can make it work. My gang and I have been running 1e since the day it hit the shelves, and we still love it.
Here are some suggested house rules and general tips for starting with rank 1 acolytes:
>Be generous with modifiers. Remember that +0 is a Challenging test! Most of the time you'll be rolling at at least +10
>Remember that a lot of gear grants modifiers too.
>Remember elite advances, and be generous with them too.
>Consider making starting background packages for cheap that will give your characters the basic skills they need.
>Most people do not wear armor, or only wear very light armor. A soldier in standard Imperial Guard Flak is a serious threat to beginning acolytes.
>Think Call of Cthulhu with D&D style leveling: monsters are usually something you run away from/try to out think at the start, but by the time you reach rank 6 or so you'll be hardened badasses.
>Things that show up in hordes in the table top (Blood Letters, Genestealers, etc.) are TERRIFYING alone against regular characters. In general, ignore the tabletop in terms of commonality of threats/gear. A powersword is a late game item.
>Remember the Dwarf Fortress definition of "fun"!

Also, if you can get your hands on 'em, literally every sourcebook for Dark Heresy is great. Inquisitor's Handbook is a must, Radical's Handbook is spectacular too, and all the others are great for flavoring your campaign in different ways.
Better understanding of their abilities.
Wealth, fame, influence.
To perform a glorious deed, and get a cushy job back on Scintilla, maybe head your own stationary choir and not have to do any of this dangerous "exploring" shit anymore.
Redemption of their tainted mutant flesh.

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Nah, those are these guys. Chosen of Abaddon.

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/tg/, I need help. I've always been a fan of CSM, but I've never really been able to settle on something, or find that one thing or theme that just clicks for me. All I really know is that I favor nurgle and to some smaller extent, Slaanesh.

How did you find that one unique thing that made you go "Yes, this is how I will do things" with your army? Could you help me with any tips, or ideas -hell, anything?

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Do CSMs recruit new members or are they just slowly dwindling away?

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That kind of, albeit fun-to-imagine fantasy-stating, is past me. I also don't know Metroid that well.

Also, I imagine someone, somewhere has done it and posted it online already. Haha. You know how that is.

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Khorne: My ever worsening rage and contempt for most of humanity. My determination to be the best I can be.

Tzeench: My optimism and charismatic nature.

Slaanesh: My joy for the finer things in life. My pride and vanity.

Nurgle: My acceptance of inevitable death, my cynicism and dark humour.

Surprisingly Khorne, although I think that accepting the whole pantheon is the greatest path.

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