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One day...

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I think this is what you meant by retarded fanwank.

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We like Macha. Is that so wrong?

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Hard to believe she went from being an adorable baby to being...well, Macha.

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If you really insist, I've got a crazy idea knocking around my head. This would be set in the Firefly 'verse. Picture is only related to elf babes.

We already know from the very first episode of the series that the Alliance is capable of imprinting things on a molecular level. We know from River's plot arc that the Alliance is also willing and able to tinker with humanity to make them "better." The outer rim planets are dangerously imbalanced sausage fests, and the Alliance wants a reliable source of income since those pesky bastards don't pay taxes.

Enter genetically engineered elf waifus from that other thread. Now the Alliance, like any good cartel, isn't going to let something as rare and valuable as a vat-grown perfect woman depreciate and mutate through free breeding. Their solution was simple: they embedded one of their molecular markers all over the DNA of the elves, like a yellow star you can never remove. Any child shows that marker, and they're taken away and never heard from again. On the inner worlds, this is enough to scare people into compliance. Out on the rim though, the elves are nearly the only women willing to live in such shitty backwaters with the type of man willing to live there, and genetic scanners are rarer than artifacts from Earth-That-Was.

Your ERP mission, should you choose to accept it, begins when an Alliance cruiser drops into orbit over one of these icy half-terraformed border planets about thirty years after the first shipment of elves, and about twenty five years since this planet has had to worry about the Alliance checking for pointy ears and flagged DNA. He is an Alliance officer sent to hunt down rogue half-elves on a planet full of them. She is a half-elf farmgirl that hates everything he stands for. They end up in bed and I'll leave it to you how and why.

Godspeed, writefag.

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I'd personally prefer something on the "sexy" end. Speaking of which, here's one of Lewd's newest works with her.

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The epilogue. Now all we have to do is wait. I always did have trouble with that part.

In the meantime, here's one of Lewdanon's newest hits.

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Couple of problems there- first, Macha and Taldeer have both proven themselves to be more than capable in a fight. Second, being a "princess" in that sense implies purity and innocence, particularly in a sexual connotation. Neither of them fit the bill there- Taldeer's married and has a kid and Macha is...well, Macha.

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Stupid sexy greentexts...

I could be doing something productive instead you know....

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