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More interesting stuff about AoS 1.0

>James: Well I think one of the biggest issues with that was the rules were written around the core set. Which was ten, let’s see if we can do this, ten Liberators with hammer and shield or sword and shield, 3 Paladins with big hammery things…

>Lupe: So this broke your brain, is what you are saying?

>[Both laugh]

>James: Oh, completely. Three flying hammer throwy guys and a bunch of, oh Khorne, the Bloodbound stuff

>Lupe: Yeah, all with the incredibly heavy metal names

>James: Yes! Everything – all the core rules – was designed, written and tested around that core box.

>Now, when you think about the contents of that core box, it is all infantry, with short range weaponry. The only ranged attack in there is the hammers being thrown, so the rules were written around close up engagement with no ranged combat at all. Because that’s what we were told to do.

>And it got to this point where there was this sudden mad dash. There was this huge long development period, behind closed doors, and then suddenly, it all had to be done yesterday. And so, there was no time to consider questions like: Right, how does ranged combat work? How does a massed ranged army function? What does it do? How are you dealing with different types of units? Y’know, combined arms… That all became… “just get it done”.

>Also, there were two or three edicts from on high which impacted the rules in a big way, and one of them was “Bases don’t count, ignore bases”. Which was weird. But that was the thing they wanted to do because they, the people at the top, said not every model has a base, so we can’t say that bases are a thing. And we don’t want to restrict people’s modelling. There was a big drive at that time to pull the game away from the hands of the gamers, so to speak, and make it more about collecting and modelling.

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god I know, I'm so conflicted

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If I put intercessors in impulsors because I dont want any walking infantry in my army for thematic reasons, how bullyable will I be

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Yeah cant wait for 3 Emperors time period like that map implies so that Empire can completely lack gunpowder.

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>Just finished painting my entire 2000 points of Red Hunters primaris (with a few non-chad vehicles)

>just realized that of all the marine chapters that would refuse the primaris, it would be the ones who worship the Emperor as god, are completely controlled by the Inquisition and would see primaris as an affront to the perfection that the Emperor himself made

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Jesus fuck Battlescribe that is NOT how I formatted that. Sorry guys.

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>read anything by David Annandale

>I'll never get that hour back

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jesus it might have been better if you just didn't highlight at all.

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>gave my star drake celestant a Stormbound Sword to be unique
>decided to model my celestant on dracoth with an identical sword so it'd be as if its the same guy on a different mount
>Cant actually give the Dracoth celestant a sword

Its now just a really, really short stormglaive.

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