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I try to keep the 80s aesthetic while including all of the benefits of modern styled tech.

Decks are concealable but have to be flipped open to full keytar size for all the benefits of having the equivalent of 4 keyboards. Riggers get more tools. Technomancers revamped only slightly to better differentiate their uses from hackers.

Matrix gets a minor to major rewrite from someone who knows more than jack about internet technology.

Some of the overlooked magical skills get some use so theres more variation in magical character building. I want fight alchemy damnit.

I'm really new to shadowrun, playing it.

And I really like shadowrun.

But quite a lot I breifly hate shadowrun. Changes need to be made

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As someone uninitiated and pouring through 4e how long can one really keep a spirit bound to them?

How about non-traditional guardian spirits that are personal to the character?

What I'm asking is can I sutando da?

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Powers that are particularly limited in their strength or broadness but useful and have many applications create really interesting results.

This is part of what makes Jojo so great.

Friction powers to answer your question. You could introduce it as the character feigning to have greater powers like telekinesis by having them do something like stop peoples guns from working because the moving parts get stuck.

Then you have them maybe open a heavy vault door making people suspect super strength by loosening the internal mechanisms and smoothing up the hinges.

When your opponents think they have it figured out slip them something new by having their tounge gain the consistency of sandpaper. Then push them over when they are stunned and nudge them so they start sliding a mile away.

Feel free to take this idea You can call this power「Smooth Criminal」

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