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Prehistoric creatures thread?

those are the same thing

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I was honestly about to, but I forgot what they were called.

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>Would the Indricotherium species make for cool mounts, /tg/, or is it too tryhard?

Already using them.
No body see's any issue with them, it's a "fantasy setting" after all. I've had people be more object to monsters and animal people, but no one bats an eye at all the extinct creatures roaming around: Mammoths, Mastodons, Terror Birds, Dire everything, and a few dinosaurs. No one questions it, it's honestly funny.

They're used as pack and herd animals and kept for their meat, bones, hide, and milk: which are all just as thick and tough as you'd think they would be. They're not really used as mounts though since they're so wide and gigantic it's kind of impractical, but they make fantastic mounts for carrying and carting supplies during War times given their thick, thick, hides are much more reliant than an Elephants or mastodons. The hard part though is that they're even more difficult to train as war animals than elephants or horses since they have a natural aversion to stepping on things since they despise the feeling of squishy bodies underneath their feet.

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Yeah, they really have potential as an exotic replacement for war elephants or some made-up critter in a fantasy setting. Definitely underused.

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