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For the Dark Gods! What do you worship? Roll d100

Chaos Undivided - 1-30
Khorne - 31-45
Slaanesh - 46-60
Nurgle - 61-75
Tzeentch - 76-90
Lesser God (Ex. Malice) - 91-100

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So Gaunt's Ghosts got me to figuring, what is life like under Chaos? I always figured they mass sacrifice the population to daemons but the fact traitor Guard exists says otherwise.

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This is one of the thoughts I had too, and one of the reasons I'm hesitant to return to a hobby which I really liked. I didn't really want to mention it because then this thread would just go downhill but it is one of the things I dislike about GW.


This is pretty crazy actually. Wouldn't these strategies suck since they aren't scoring though? Couldn't you just snipe off the 2 troop choices and win by default?

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Heya /tg/

Welp, after several games of Only War, my Skype RP group have started to get bored of fighting Orks and our resident This Guy is also bored of being PermaGM when it comes to 40K, so now I've offered to run something a little different. Thus, we're going to be defending the Imperium from the heretical scourge.

However, I am not as well-versed in 40K as This Guy and I was wondering if /tg/ could give me some pointers on how best to depict the more "mundane" forces of Chaos, such as Traitor Guard. I ask because there is a tendency (especially among Dark Heresy GMs, although not This Guy if only because This Guy doesn't use Chaos much in his games) to believe that ordinary humans will shit themselves to death and/or spontaneously sprout tentacles due to corruption upon catching even the slightest whiff of Chaos. However, Cadia obviously demonstrates that this simply isn't true.

Couple this with the fact that I want to maintain a war movieish feel ('cause, obviously, if we wanted a more Resident Evily survival horror type thing, we'd play Dark Heresy) where the insanity and corruption of Chaos are a festering background threat rather than front-and-centre, and I am, as above, left wondering how exactly to depict the "Mundane" forces of Chaos, specifically what kinds of units I should use (both for regular troopers and elites/commanders) and how their legions behave in everyday combat against the legions of the Imperium.

Picture related, since I imagine Traitor Guard will have a heavy presence.

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I wrote some rules that let you play some bitchin' chaos-turned guardsmen/cultists/cannon fodder. Wondered what /tg/ would make of them.

pic related

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All to death and death to all !

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/tg/, why don't like heresy that isn't marines or daemons?

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Why are we even bothering to discuss the merits of loyalist regiments when the traitor guard are so obviously superior?

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Lost and Damned all the way, pic dumping of heretics

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Why are SoB players always whining about no new codex in sight?

Lost and Damned codex when?

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Traitors are better.

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Sure thing bro!

Here at the Black Legion, we give our Lost and the Damned counterparts all that they need to do their own damage. We let them co-ordinate themselves, but normally it doesnt work well. Sadly, our favourites, the Volskani Cataphracts, kind of mucked up one day but we remember them fondly.

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I guess what im trying to say is I don't understand how the game really works as a whole. Im sitting here with all the proper information in front of me, but don't know where to start as far as physically making the campaign.

Perhaps someone could walk me through their basic steps of how they sit down and make a session?

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Thats a pretty good idea.

I personally prefer something along the lines of their world was engulfed by a Warp Storm before departing for a crusade, so the regiments land on their planet. They continuously fight Chaos and its Daemons, and by the time the Warp Storm dissipates, their world is horribly ravaged. Seeing as they are just humans, by this time they're totally fucked up in almost every sense, and they fall into the worship of what they once fought.

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Did someone say..

Death to the False Emperor?

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Bumping with cultist pictures

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At about the very beginning of M.41, a Warband of Black Legionnaires [my CSM army], led by Scarzeck Orion, decided they wanted these Groznies to work and produce for them. Their terminatours came teleporting down, easily killing the leaders of the largest Groznies. Claiming leadership, the Nachtvari saw a chance to be allied to a great power. They pledged themselves to Abaddon and the Black Legion, under Scarzeck. The Slaaneshi worshippers and their insane populace, 3:1 larger in number than the Nachtvari Groznies, were rounded up by a Slaaneshi Aspiring Champion named Neros.

Now the two incredibly large Warbands, with the Warmaster's blessing, have turned Nachtvar into a planet as well fortified as Medrengard. Unfortunately the bands are weak outwardly, as they do not by any means have enough to transport their full might. Scarzeck, more powerful than Neros, uses his respectably sized fleet to transport both his and Neros's band. Yet the 15-20 million capable fighters of the Cultists and the Grozni fighters will never be fielded at once, instead making Nachtvar safe from upstarts, and building weapons in the name of Abaddon.

Currently they are fighting on Cadia. Scarzeck's main fleet is destroyed, blown apart by the Imperial Navy when they consolidated their blockade of the remaining Chaos forces. The Lord Scarzeck, fortunately, escaped with the bulk of his remaining forces, but has left around 2 million Nachtvari Grozni fighters. Also, much to Scarzeck's delight, Neros and almost all of his battle-ready Slaaneshi cultists are there as well. These fighters have turned a Kasr on Cadia into a series of Groznies, like their home world, with the 10 million Slaaneshi cultists inhabiting the underground.

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>Imperial Guard and Daemons makes zero fucking sense

Yeah, because The Lost and the Damned never fucking existed

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I'm assuming there will also be rules for Traitor Guard?

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