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This is how I Amazon Princess.

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Funny that you mention it. Here is a character of mine, who thought she don`t need no man, but she was wrong, just as all the silly girls are.

>be orc woman
>live at orc tribe, be strong and good at hitting things
>life is shit, orcs treat women badly
>manage getting promoted from breeding stock to low-rank warrior and part-time punching bag through sheer tenacity and ripping off someones cock, which orc chief finds hillarious
>get send out to take part in a raid
>males who are with you take offense to that, fuck you up badly and leave you to die
>get fixed up by Serenrae-whorshipping human mercenary wizard
>hate his guts for saving your ass but also indepted to him for saving your ass
>follow him on his his whacky adventures with his crazy-ass friends
>slowly grow to respect him for his intelligence and power
>he constantly treats you nice and respectful, even when you act like a bitch, CONFUSED FEELINGS
>initiate full tsundere mode
>pic related

Thank god thats in an online game. Could get awarkd at a game table.

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