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Sometimes, I really want to run a Doom rpg. With all the horror. All of it.

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I've been thinking of quest-threads for a long time--despite seeing them in action, despite contributing to them, despite reading them, I still don't actually know the "theory" behind a quest-thread's development.

What do you think makes a good quest-thread good?
What makes a quest-thread stumble?
How do you think is a good way to plan or GM a quest-thread? Is planning things out ahead of time or improvising with a vague outline better?

I know shit all and would like to know more.

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Who likes to roleplay their chars in vidya? Who likes to port roleplay chars into vidya?

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I want to make a Doom playthread.
I don't care what it entails. Just as long as I can use this fucking picture.

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You little runt! Even after I typed out the name for ya'! Now run of you little whippersnapper or else grandpa will smack you good!

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You lift up your hand to rest against the glass separating you from the great unknown outside. It's cold, even through your glove. They really need to upgrade the heaters here.
Day in and day out, it's been the same thing. Suckin' dust through your respirator and watching restricted flicks in the rec room. They say a lot of things about space, but one thing they never said was how boring it was.

Not like they have much of a choice, though. Humanity is still rebuilding itself after the demon invasion--UAC was torn to shreds, with Earth, Mars, Phobos, and Deimos utterly devastated. It was years after just one man went forth into the maws of Hell to save humanity, but even now the effects were still felt. What was left of humanity gathered up and went to the moon, trying to build a new life and a new civilization from what remained.
They made him the leader of the new world. They called him...


Weird name for a leader, to be honest.
But the nickname stuck.

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You're not sure how long you've been on Mars. Day in, day out, it was the same old routine: Suckin' dust through your helmet's filter and watching restricted flicks in the rec room after hours. Occasionally there'd be a bit of fun with being allowed to shoot at pop-up targets in the firing range--or maybe you'd be allowed to go outside with your buddies and take popshots at rocks or cans.
Ever since the demon invasion, though, everyone had been on edge. And rightfully so. Took three fucking decades just to rebuild up a semi-working society from what remained of Mars' and Earth's population.

The elected the guy who stopped it all as leader. "Doom", they called him, since he never offered his name. Or maybe he did, but the nickname stuck.
Had a funny ring to it. Doom. Sounded like a comic book villain. Or maybe just a guy who liked to rip and tear.

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