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In case GM is still here, I'd love his take on this:
Already had this one done in an earlier drawfag thread, but I'd be curious ot see her in a diff style. Plus while I like that pic she was a bit buff in it.

Can I get a female Human Soulknife? She's a villainess in my 3.5 campaign, a henchwench in a psionic supremacist organization of sorts. Basically militant magocrats, but with psionics rather than magic.

Pic related as a fairly good starting point. She's about as busty as the left pic - a bit bigger, though; figure a very big C or a small/medium D. Japanese features. Black hair - no flower but similar style sans bun. Blue lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish. Small earrings along her ears and a nose piercing on her right nostril.

Her outfit's somewhat similar to the pics from the naval up - skintight and shoulder/arm/sideboob baring. The top either closes around her crotch like a one piece swimsuit - in which case she'd have thigh-highs - or possibly goes down to her feet into a one piece armless/backless leotard of sorts. Your call. No zipper obviously. Ye old medieval times. As for how it gets on or off then. Magic! Or more likely it may be psychoactive skin.

She has luminescent green psionic tattoos running along the length of her arms. I imagine they could be geometric patterns, possibly reminiscent of Kanji or - if you want - lovecraftian writing since my setting has Illithids as the origin of Psionics. Her mind blade/s if included should, likewise, be green.

Expression looks about right in refs too.

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