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Do you guys have dungeon "types" with specific treasure/reward/challenge types within them? For example whenever my players come upon elven ruins that weren't totally plundered they know that they'll likely find enchanted weaponry but lots of banshees and possibly liches, whereas a dwarven ruin may contain plenty of traps and rune lore.

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Hey, thanks a bunch!

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thanks, I will! sent you an invite in return.

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So, I've been reading up on the lore of A Song of Ice and Fire, and Essos is a perfect setting for Sword & Sorcery. It's full of decadent city states, magic is mysterious and ritual focused, and there's plenty of wildnerness to hexcrawl and carve out a domain. In the World of Ice and Fire, there are a lot of stories ancient ruins, animal-human hybrids, ancient civilizations like the Mazemakers (how I'm going to implement dungeons proper).

My question is, what system would you recommend to run this? The ones that come to my mind are:

>ritual magic, hex crawling, psionics

>Faction rules, skill rules for more social scenes to handle intrigue and mystery. would need to overhaul a lot.

>mostly for the war and domain rules, but I also like the proficiencies for making useful non-combat characters

If no specific system comes to mind, good psionic systems and ritual magic systems would be appreciated.

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Sorry for the lack of updates; it's been busy:


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Is Legion of Chaos Ascendant really just supposed to be Daemon soup? You can't even take mortals?

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Do any of you game master guys just wing your games?

I remember running a weird library in a pocket dimension. It was a giant circular mast of bookshelf plunging into infinite darkness with a small length of magical staircase that would slide diagonally down and upward its side. Every now and then along the central mast there would be a subspace door to a different section of the library like an alcove for reading, different languages, etc.

I made it up all on the spot except for the mission given to the players- "Some asshole unleashed a fire elemental in the stacks to find and destroy a specific book, find it and stop that from happening"

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