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Most oldMarines stuff isn't covered in that shit either.

Not everyone is Black Templars or Dark Angels.

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That's a good thing. Its a strong, simple design.

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If I am reading this right taking a Sternguard Veteran Sergeant in HoR doesn't let you have any more Sternguard vets?

I wanted to do a five man squad with a sergeant and an apothecary plus a bunch of scouts but that does not work.

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okay, I just finished playing a Deathwatch-based Prose Descriptive Qualities game, and I had few ideas about handling the PC's home chapter-I don't want "space wolf" or "dark angel" to be stand alone qualities, so I thought I could either A: link them to another quality ( like, say, 'space wolf assault marine' instead of just 'assault marine') or use them like aspects in FATE-letting the player invoke them for bonuses or re-rolls. what to you think /tg/?
(in case you don't have any idea what I've been talking about, here's the core rules, which I'll be using http://www.atomicsockmonkey.com/freebies/di/pdq-core.pdf)

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You know what I just realized? That air filter on the front of Space Marine helmets makes them look like they're permanently scowling. I don't get it, why is that? What are they so upset about?

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Operators gonna operate

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>What was that?

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My armor is contempt.

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I prefer this look. Just a little leaner.

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Praise the Emperor and strike down His foes!

I set out on the Imperium Crusade: to remodel mankind as it was 10 000 years ago.

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I started out like this. I bought a copy of PC Gamer magazine, the first and only time I've ever done so, and it had a review of Dawn of War in it. I had never heard of Warhammer before, let alone tabletop wargaming, but the game looked fun, so I got the demo, got hooked, played for a few years, then made the leap. I actually got into Warmachine first through unrelated means, and then Warhammer Fantasy when Warhammer Online came out, but I bought a Tau army shortly after that. Up until recently I had Space Marines too, but I sold them to a friend. Selling that dreadnought was really, really hard to do.

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Hey /tg/! While I feel I know a fair bit of 40k fluff, I don't know much into how chapters are created? How do they choose the first Chapter Master and Captains? Who tests the recruits? Where does the infrastructure come from? etc.

I'm planning on making a non-codex chapter, but I would appreciate a few pointers with regards to the fluff.

PS. Whats with this facebook option? lol

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