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This. Tidus felt like a tank, as he should have.

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>GURPS is terrible
>X to get +Y to a roll is not interesting.
What do you want?
It's got hit locations, so martials can disable enemies by cutting their legs off. Or cutting their arms off. Or hands off. Or stab them in the eye for huge damage.
You can disarm with any weapon, it's a manoeuvre. (Some are better at it though) You can grab weapons and wrench them out of enemy's grip. You can grab someone and smash them down on your knee, or on a wall, OR ON YOUR SWORD. And it even does bonus damage (at least +2). These functions don't require special feats. You can do them with any grapple skill, or DX.
Hell, GURPS has armed grapples, so you can use your sword to keep someone in, then takedown, and pin. Pinned foes are pretty much fucked.

Let's talk polearms & spears. Any weapon with reach can really fuck an opponent of lesser skill, or even equal skill by keeping them at range. Stab them, and then they have to move back to get the spear point out if you choose to keep it in them, or they can try to move down the point to reach you if they can pass a Will check. You can also attempt to parry their body as they move into close combat with you, in order to achieve a similar effect.

Positioning is also a big deal. You're at -2 to defend against things in your peripheral vision, and at an extra -2 to parry against attacks on the opposite side to your weapon arm. You can't defend against attacks from behind unless you're a bugeyed alien with 360 vision. Positioning is a big deal; attackers from behind can claim +4 to hit you for free, and even stack that with another +4 for All out attack, so they can target the skull and still have a net bonus.

OP, did you just play GURPS like it was D&D, and then complain that it has no interesting options other than the ones that give you bonus damage or bonus to hit?

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This, best boy

Primarchs can go fuck themselves compared to him

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>Get home from long day out with the woman
>Start working on muh tau
>She ASKED if she could help me with mouldlines
>She did a whole battalions worth of marines while watching a judge judy marathon
>mfw both armies saw progress today
God damn, how was your day /40kg/? Get anything done?

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I was actually thinking of doing the same thing for a West Marches style WOD game I am planning around my hometown (though the paper wouldn't be a regular thing. One for the first game and maybe a few articles after major plot points and occurances.)
Will definitely have a read, thanks OP.

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Chance to summon after disembarking: 36/36, or 100%

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GW need to keep doing shit like this. It's fucking hilarious.

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>‘Guilliman is your father’s echo, heart and soul. If all else went wrong, he would be heir to the empire. Horus is the brightest star and you carry your father’s face, but Guilliman’s heart and soul are cast in the Emperor’s image.’

I knew I had read that before but I couldn't remember where.

Thanks, anon

lion sux traitor primarchs get out

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Hey guys, would this be the thread to start a WH40K story or is there a writethread for these things?

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>Be captain Titus of the Ultrasmurfs
>Crash land on sandy planet
>Walk for a while in the sand
>Hate sand, its coarse and it gets everywhere
>Find large round structure on top of rock formation
>Walk up to door, xenos scum guarding it
>Crush its head with gauntlet
>proceed into structure
>can hear strange, repetitive music playing from one of the rooms
>enter, room is full of more xenos scum
>fat slug like creature sits in corner with what looks like a captive sororitas is a metal bikini
>go to town on xenos scum, they feel the full FUREH of the emprah as I dismember them with my chainsword
>slaughter the xenos jazz band mid song ramming the strange golden instrument up ones behind as I do so
>little annoying one jumps on my pauldron spreading its taint over my glorious chapter symbol, I crush its smug little face between my thumb and forefinger
>only the fat one and filthy golden man of iron remains
>hooded guy wanders in
>"I must be allowed to speak"
>Feel taint of chaos of an unsanctioned psyker in his words
>I place my bolt pistol against his head before he can react, it explodes coating the walls in blood.
>Sororitas screams
>Suddenly fat xenos pulls lever and I fall through. Land flat on face in dark cave
>Out of shadow comes beast
>Looks like meganob
>Idea forms
>Massive ork nob comes at me, I barrel roll and get behind, jumping on its back.
>Hear Leandros snivelling voice in back of head "the codex astartes does not support this action"
>Fuck off Leandros
>I climb up onto its head and grab onto its massive nostrils, my enhanced strength allowing me to hold on
>Kick Ork nob into a run straight at the nearest wall and we go crashing back through into room where slug monster is now licking Soritas earlobes
>I charge the mega nob at the slug thing, crushing it
"Oh dear" the man of iron says\
>*BLAM* unsanctioned ai
>Grab sororitas babe and canter into sunset on meganob

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I would pay to see that canon.

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Thanks a lot.

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I found it as the first result on google anon

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I'll lay it on you straight, teegee, life's been tossing me nothing but kender who've been given permission to tackle-hug me while covered in kobold shit lately. Enough about that, let's hear a few stories about what you're proud of pulling off at the gaming table. Any system, any setting. I'll share a few myself:

>First time DMing with some fairly time players
>Volunteered to make up a game when our normal DM was clear, ended up staying in the Captain's chair for almost a year.
>Eventually reach a point where the party is going head on with the BBEG, some unknown entropic force.
>Almost unnoticed by the rest of the party, the wizard tries to Detect Thoughts on one of its dragon-thralls.
>Soon as they finish combat, I tell them all to prepare some high level characters for a oneshot in order to try out some epic tier stuff (I was new and felt like my players deserved a truly epic high levels with their actual characters.)
>In passing, I told the wizard's player to keep his normal character on-hand. Didn't say why.
>Few weeks pass, everyone sits down at my table, dice and coasters in hand.
>I lead them into the Necromputer. (for semi-newfags like meself, think a computer who used undead instead of plastic for motherboards and such)
>They find not only a bunch of mindless skeletons, but a chained blue dragon.
>The dragon admits to charging parts of the machine using his breath and sends them onward.
>Eventually, the party is in the main room, facing a lich with metallic bones who held what appeared to be two large metal rods.
>They brawl with honor, eventually hitting the lich with a banishment to allow for a few seconds of breathing room and planning, all while an ominous screen displays what appears to be a bar becoming fuller.
>When the lich gets back, he dies from sheer fear due to the illusion of his perfect machine failing.
>The party tries to take it apart. Alas, they lacked the access and the time.

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Does anyone know where one can find a torrent of "death and defiance"? Or the shortstorry "gunsight" on audiobook?

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Go forth in the name of the Emperor, brother.

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