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>this thread

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Fucking Inquisition.

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I know.Probably every sentient being too.
I don't wanna go there. Really. It ends up with Horus lighting the Astronomicon and High Lords are heretics, Imperium already lost, exc.

However, no one else uses blood as ink, or spill Innocent Sororitas blood or exterminate all life on their path.

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>Faggot of hate

How about no.

Xenophiles are a wretched bunch of whiny, self-hating, pathetic degenerates that deserve every ounce of hate and grief thrown at them. If I ruin a Xenophiles day, then I am a happy man. If I stop a newbie from adopting a Xenos Army and turning into a Xenophile, I am a content and joyful dude.

I'll never stop hating their guts. I'll never stop hounding them because they're the very reason we can't have nice things.

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You see?!

This is what I am talking about. If the subject of Chaos Sisters is raised, the Sisterfags are quick to point that the Sisters are immune to Chaos and the only one sister fell.

But when people point out that this is wrong and there is fluff of many cases of Sisters falling to Chaos, they ignore it and stuff their fingers in their ear because it would ruin the image of their precious little army.

Fing Bastards the whole lot of you!

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You have forced our hand, Templar. I guess we have to tell the Inquisitor we had a little...accident.

Knowledge is power, Blood Ravens, Guard it will. Subdue these Black Templar filth and secure their belongings for the Chapter.

I will remember you fondly, Black Templar, when I polish this Sword you are about to gift me.

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rolled 2, 7 + 35 = 44

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That's probably because the threat of a rebelling world usually goes hand in hand with the threat of Chaos in general. At least, that's what happened on Vraks.

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Their Mary Suedom almost reaches Ultra levels. They are one of the most awful chapters out there. Their fluff is retarded everything about them is retarded.

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Unacceptable, The Blood Raven Ending is the only Canon ending.

Taldeer is gone FOREVER!

That's a happy ending.

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>Implying the noble Blood Ravens are spawn of traitorous scum

I should smite you for speaking such falsehoods.

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General rage was starting 40k with a friend and spending a week painting up five knights, only to find he'd dipped his wood elves in gold paint and called it a day... and spent the rest of the week writing furry porn to read to me.

We don't hang out any more.

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The space marines are extension of the will of the emperor. They're ''His'' angels of death.

The guard made a grave heretical folly by opposing the space marines. by doing so they opposed the will of the emperor and thus they're at fault here.

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He makes valid points.

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You dare question the wisdom of the Chapter Master?

It's obvious that you never engaged in honorable combat before nor know the proper edicate of battle.

We will not dishonor the memory of the Emperor by becoming honor-less thugs who turn on their allies.

We are the Space Marines paragons of valor and honor. Shining examples for all humanity!

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>Wear tanktop, camo jeans and headband
>Grab a long firm stick
>tape flashlight to said stick
>Smear mud on face
>Flail your arms and scream "4EMPRAH&PERIUMS"

Catachan Sniper

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See also: Warhammer 40k 5th edition timeline

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That and the chapter-wide belief that HE WILL RETURN TO US SOMEDAY!

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What are "Gods" in 40k?

Are they products of magic or science?

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I'm not I assure you, I just need some funny images to assemble into a big poster to hang in our war room.

I just posted some content in return!

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The 40k universe is fun to play around in, but once my current DH campaign wraps up I think I will have had enough of playing loyal Imperials.

Hmm... we've got four players. That's just the right number to have one Khornate melee specialist, one Tzeenchian sorcerer, one Slaaneshi infiltrator, and one more Khornate melee specialist. What? Look, no offense to His Corpulent Majesty, but have you smelled his guys?

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