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Be nice to the newfriend.

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I haven't touched TCGplayer in a long time nor had a problem with an order back when I did, but is there no dispute mechanism?

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Are there nonfictional vampires?

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Self-respecting playgroups ban each general that originated in a Commander supplement.

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>I have a sword
>I can cut or stab them with the sword
>Or I can hit them with the flat, hilt, pommel, whatever, using it as a bludgeoning weapon.

>I have a bow
>I can hit them with an arrow

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>Let me guess, you think Vault of the Archangel is terrible too?

Do you have to sac your entire board to vault?

No you don't you fucking moron which is why it's good unlike this dogshit you're peddling

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Well, they're the supernatural pantheon. Every culture believes in them, more or less. What they do is that they're just stuck in an endless circle of re-incarnation into various bodies. Luckily, they don't remember it.. The incarnated 'gods' are just superhuman. Musclebound, or dexterous, or intelligent.
But they're avatars of the gods, and are very well treated by most races and most people over all.

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Go through with it.
Seduce the 14 year old and her wolf.

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Make them unsafe, low security thief dens.

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>There is a dude at my LGS who made a black and red space marine army with both chaos and loyalist parts, who are renegades that spliced themselves with ork DNA.

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Uh, why are those considered OP?

Also, why the one faglord above thinks they are the only OP thing FW makes?

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hi diddly doody /tg/

What if more GMs used the Fiasco character-building mechanics as part of the roll-up session?

Players build a group using a custom fiasco "playset," sans locations and objects.

After they finish, they can start rolling up stats for their new adventuring group.

>Basically, what relationships and needs have you seen characters implement in a D&D campaign that've worked well?

>Or do you think a fiasco-style group build is a shitty idea? Why?

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Be grateful for whatever blessing or curse they send you. Fudging is heresy.

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>Anyone with sufficient experience will tell you that martial-focused classes excel in putting the hurt on enemies, while casters excel in utility.

except not. druids and clerics are both better at fighting than fighters are. getting into the mid-to-late levels, a wizard can literally summon beings more powerful than the fighter to fight for them. this is in addition to the fact they can do a bunch of other shit in combat as well, while the fighter is resigned to chipping away at HP, a role that becomes increasingly irrelevant into the later game.

and when you talk about "utility", you're talking about potentially worldbreaking effects. the rogue is a utility class, the wizard is a minor god.

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inb4 250 reply post full of nerdrage and buttdevastation

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Dig deep

Dig greedily

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Maybe I forgot to mention it, but the idea, at least for now, is that you can't control what the adventurers or the kingdom or the monsters do, you just kinda watch them live, fight and die on their own, not unlike an ant farm. You figure out what they do, where they go, and so on by rolling on random tables.

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In my S&W game, whenever the players go into the wilderness we switch to the hex map. Each hex covers a 6 km area. For an unencumbered human 1 hex is equal to 1 hour of walking. Whenever they step into a hex that is from 2 to 4 hexes distance to civilization (towns, fortresses, etc), I roll a d6. On a roll of 1 they encounter something (more dangerous places mean they encounter on a roll of 1 and 2). That might seem excessive, but they always have a real chance to avoid the encounter (if they aren't ambushed or surprised) or to parlay through it. Even if it comes to blows they can alway run away.

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Funny because that's kinda the origin of the archetypical dwarf (that is, the one we got from Tolkien).


What about aztec dwarves and extraterrestrial hobbits?

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>tells you to read the thread
>b-b-but muh ctrl+f

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Ive got £50 in vouchers to spend at GW.

Do I add to my Orcs and Goblins Fantasy army, start a Dwarf army, or buy the W40K starter box set?

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Hey guys, what if I used the Daemon Prince for the express purpose of Dreadnought hunting? He could tear through AV12 long before the Dread has a chance to swing back, and if he doesn't get assaulted the round after, then he can push around whatever he wants.

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