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And a Regiment for them:

The Lions Pride: A regiment drafted from the Planet of Elysium IV, a planet with a long standing history of Felinids that is mostly tolerated by the populace. Due to the ravaging of the System's Space Marine chapter, the plant has had to stand alone for several years, turning the former paradise world into a well trained fortress world with a reputation for self sufficiency...if a bit of a maverick streak.

In combat, they are easily identifiable by their rebreathers and 'Cat's Eye' preysense goggles. It is very common for them to lace the rebreathers with various combat drugs, a trick gained during the first darkest years without support.

Origin: Fortress (3 Points)-Enemy is Pirates normally.
Commanding Officer: Phlemic (1 Point)
Regiment Type: Hunter-Killer (3 Points)
Equipment: Demolitions (3 Points)
Combat Drugs(2 Points)

Additional Equipment:
Preysense Goggles (15)
Dress Uniform (5)
Rebreather (8)
Chrono (2)

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