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In the future, AKs are cats, which have auto-stabilisation, auto-aiming, advanced night-sights and acoustic target selection abilities...but no one but cat molesters can bring themselves to touch the barbed trigger, thus leading to the militaries of the world forming special "kitty fucker" spec-ops and counter-terror forces.

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>AK M30W
>self repairing and cleaning
>auto-stabilising and self righting
>preinstalled with motion sensors as well as visual and laser tracking capabilities
>can haz cheeseburger?

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I think he means that the sheaf looks like a blade, and the blade looks like a thing you just attach the "blade" (the sheaf) onto the gun with.

Drawing it from that sheaf would still be nonsensical base on the where the belt loop is - the entire thing would hang with the blade pointing forward and you'd have to physically point the handle forward to do a cross draw.

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Also: AKs are cats.

...because the creator is from a universe where the concept of a "pun" was invented by Alan Turing during ww2 as a cryptographic system to confound the nazis.

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all I heard was dakkaneko, what's going on in this thread?


What's a Ka$ha?

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>The AK-200 was created as part of Western Russia's "Future Rifle System Universal Upgrade Program" (shortened to "UPOTTE" in Cyrillic media).
>pic related.
>All AK patterned assault rifles from the AK-200 onwards were actually cats.
>Utilising bio-organic self-repair and automatic self-cleaning and anti-jamming systems, AK-200+ rifles were even more reliable and rugged than previous AK models.
>Their charming personalities and delightful purring when used to mow down enemy troops also ensured that no soldier would ever forget or neglect their rifle while in or out of battle.

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There's still the manga, which according to the original > adaption rule, is much better.

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Hey, Eliza. Can you see this? If so, please describe it.

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Naturally my character too is addicted to caffeine (first I thought alcohol, but that would make him alcoholic) and will go great lengths of acquiring it, if unable to obtain caffeine he will – depending on the situation – begin to notice that the civilisation really has collapsed, and may have varying results – either entering foetal/fetal positing and crying or become enraged, where as usually he is polite to the point of being happy-go-lucky, unless you shoot at him or makes him spill his coffee which he always carries around.

Our group (the people I'm with in the game) has a name for ourselves and hasn't decided on what the name stands for (it's an acronym). C.H.A.O.S – it is cliché as fuck.
[We aren't native english speakers so the following acronyms may be fucked up since they are directly translated]
One of my friends suggest it stands for “Communists, Anarchists, And Socialists” while I suggest that we all continue to disagree in-character what it stands for and my character claims it stands for “The Communal Workers' Order Society”.

Anyway, is my character too much “That Guy” or should I give it a go and try to stay alive for as long as possible (eventually getting killed and then adopting a new character)?

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I hate you, OP. Hate you so much.

I must end you with my ultimate weapon.

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