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For those of you who are running a tabletop RPG in a homemade setting:

1. Who's the baddest motherfucker in the setting?

2. Link to theme music.

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I remember there were ongoing game design threads for a while on /tg/. I'd like to bring those back.

Anybody have the pastebin?

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Times you, your party, or your players found a way to manage to be the most insanely badass people possible.

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Lookin' for a picture of someone in a classy outfit of some sort, holding playing cards.

Have an IRL PC picture in return.

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If you've got the fire in your gut of our ancient ancestors.

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I read about that guy, didn't he say something like "The eyepatch makes me look cool" or some shit after losing his eye, too?

Also one should mention: This guy cleared a town before the scheduled artillery barrage that would have been during the morning hours.
He brought back a bunch of prisoners, found SS plans and information about their spies in the french resistence or something...

If any soldier is a PC, it's this guy.

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Will you also be compiling all of the pics to one thing like last time?

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