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Sounds of letters can be found 'ere

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I absolutely adore learning about Ork kultur, and have a whole folder full of bits I find while on here. It always makes me sad when very few things 40k related are from Ork perspective. They are just such fun characters and a great faction to be part of. I just want one damn 40k game that isn't DoW that focuses on Orks.

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So I've been playing Orcs for a while, and never really had problems stomping errything in my way. Lately though, 've been going against better and better players and my orcs are losing something fierce, the fastest being tabled by turn three. Long story short, I found that I'm not actually all that good at WHFB's orc tactica. Any advice for greenskin players? Units to stay away from? Big cheese? Little cheese?
Anything helps!
Pic tangentially related

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Oi you gits!
Da boss got a job fer you lot.
'e wants you's to put up some tac-tikle maps of '' 'istorical 'umie scraps'' usin dis here guide wot the Mekboy found.

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You're thinking too hard if you're having trouble making a name

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btw what's the fluff behind the knights order?
It'll be a while until i can buy stuff

And i just noticed that the lieutant will be pretty obvious with jsut using the military orders starter...meh, we're all beginners anyway, that's probably gonna help learn the game

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So what kind of name are you going to pick for your character?

Reminder, they will use a system like Guild War so you can't have retarded names or lore names.

Gonna be Badeye Scrapgutz, Ork Mekboy

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It's an Ork glyph standing for Orky

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I was thinking something simple. Maybe Grimbad, or Grimgutz, maybe Garggutz

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