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Discuss books that are /tg/ related and that can be used as inspiration for campaigns

I'll start by shilling Book of the New Sun

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Eh, the problem is less magic spells being read and used, so much as only a mage can retain their personality after a spell gets into their head - anyone else without the mental aptitude gets consumed by the meme at the core of the spell.

A wizard can of course cheat by accessing lesser aspects of the spell and not let it fully rest in his memory in its full form, so a newly fledged necromancy might only dare to use a "Raise" spell to raise freshly killed corpses, and as he gets used to the power his mind is trying to contain and control he will eventually be able to raise skeletons held together by necromantic energies, or spectres.

Eventually they might raise the dead entirely back to life, or create and awaken sentience in undead.

Though as they dare harness more of the spell they always risk letting too much of it into themselves, where upon the spell will entirely displace the original soul and mind of the necromancer and bind the unfortunate necromancer's soul into the newly formed lich's phylactery.

What more "magic, on tap" you need to deal in psionics or have a god like being acting as an overseer of the magics' use - basically you need something acting as a controlling conduit with strict limitations that the magic flows through to stop the reality warping from overtaking the users, whether it's a psionicist, priests or bound spirits/deamons that ultimately acts as the "circuit breaker" of the magical use.

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