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You fire off another email, explaining that your data has gone too, and he'd best be keeping his backups safe and offline. You thank him for the offer of the map.

You also suggest he prods Arcadia Corp again, but ask him to wait a little while first.

You finish your dinner. The game still seems to be patching or whatever it's doing, but it's ready to play.

So you do. You know that whatever it did to interfere with Green's computer last time, it won't be able to do it this time.

Vertigo, and then you're in. It's early evening, in the city. And the place is vibrating. Literally. The very air seems to quiver, and you can feel the ground shaking through your boots. The sky is covered in swirling, faintly purplish clouds that billow and move as you watch. You can hear a sort of dull roaring sound, which seems to be coming from everywhere.

The city is deserted save for NPCs, who appear to be acting no differently from normal.

Mason, Lily, and Amadeus are online. Wolf is offline.

>Contact Lily.
>Contact Mason.
>Contact Amadeus.
>Search for the source of the noise yourself.
>Write in.
>Quit Arcadia.

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You remind the others of the time, and Trish logs out almost immediately; you got the impression she stayed later than intended. Shrike says he's going to go back to his house to log out, and bids you goodnight.

Amadeus sighs. "You know, this game is dangerous. I really want to stay and explore. I don't feel sleepy at all, and the city looks so mysterious at night."

"You can log in tomorrow."

"I think I'm going to have to ration myself. Thanks for inviting me though, I appreciate it."

Mason's talking to someone he calls 'Finn' and seems to be getting their opinion on the expedition. He notices you heading off and gives you a wave.

You log out.

You barely notice the vertigo now. You lift your glasses off your head. Emily's already in bed, and the light is out.

There's a message from Jess waiting for you:

>Fell asleep and didn't make it to the library. Sry.

It's about eleven. It's not desperately late, but you do have classes tomorrow.

>Jess is probably awake again. Message her and ask if she found anything out from Green's links.
>Message Melissa before she goes to bed and chat about the game.
>Go to bed.
>Write in.
>Play Arcadia.

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>All this discussion of quests
>No discussion of Arcadia Quest

B-but... we have such animated discussions on how to spend Pieces and EXP. I say we talk about our options so we have a quick answer for when the next thread pops up. Saves more of our precious questing time that way.

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Amadeus gives Shrike his sword back. “I think I want one of those,” he says. “This staff isn’t very fun by comparison.”

“You can buy them at the markets,” Shrike says. “It’ll do you until you can find something better to make a new one out of.”

“How much do they cost?”

“I dunno. About fifty coins I guess.”

“Fifty? I have zero,” Amadeus says.

“Maybe we can sell some of these plates,” Trish says. She takes a skinning knife from her pack, grasps one of the plates firmly and digs the blade into the skin beside it. The corpse shudders. The four of you take a step back.

“It is dead, isn’t it?” Amadeus asks.

It looked dead a moment ago. As you watch patches of skin on its head, behind its eyes swell and bulge and split, and another four eyes, red and round and staring open and swivel wildly in it’s head as its original pair come back to life. Its great body heaves, and its sides split as a pair of bloody limbs push their way out between its ribs, five fingered hands tipped with long bony claws.

“Fuck fuck fuck, what is that?” Shrike says in a panicked tone. Neither he nor Trish seem to have any idea what’s happening.

The boar’s body writhes under its bony plates and thick skin, and you notice its wounds have started bleeding again, but the ooze that drips from them is black as tar. It heaves itself up on its limbs, which now number six. The plates on its back are splintering and its mouth opens impossibly wide. You hear its jaw break. A new set of long, sharp and serrated teeth force themselves out over the boar’s original set.

You hear a sound, a horrible, painful sound, and you reel, stunned and you can feel blood drip from your nose and ears. It takes your dazed brain a moment to realise the boar just PREACHED. The four of you stand helpless, your faces bloody, as it gets to its feet.

When you can move again, you must decide.

>Write in.
>Quit Arcadia.

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Adapting's half the fun of GMing, and half the pain.

You're not actually wearing a robe, you're wearing something ill-described but cute and sleeveless. The starting clothes' appearance is randomly generated so players don't all look alike.

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delicious brown

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Speaking of which, you have three exp to spend.

>Weapon skills: bow, glaive
>Improve abilities: Pray, Preach, Foresight
>Buy a new ability: Testify (Prophet), Eye of God (Seer), Ascend (Avatar) (each cost 3 exp)
>Save them for later.
>Write in.

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>>29198964 >>29198994 >>29199006

You go over to the dead NPC and start patting him down. He's wearing the robes favoured by these kinds of NPCs, but you find a Key on a chain around his neck, nine Steel Crossbow Bolts, a Crossbow with Bronze Fretwork, a Fine Dagger, and 19 Coins.

Trish is watching Shrike's face go back to it's normal shape, but Shrike's looking at the bow.

"If you really need something, take it," he says.

"She needs a new staff more than anything."

You can hear the clumping of mechanical feet. More than two, in your estimation.

>Take the crossbow and bolts.
>Take the dagger.
>Let Shrike and Trish have their pick.
>Write in.
>Quit Arcadia.

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"Um, I really don't think that would be very...good."

Emily's biting her lips and nodding seriously. You aren't convinced she's going to just drop the idea, however. This really the first time you two have been anything other than polite and cordial. It's like you looked at each other as actual people for the first time.

"Let's discuss it later. I need to make sure these glasses are all right. I won't be able to replace them until next term at least, and I need them to be in one piece. You don't mind, do you?" There really is only one way to escape right now. You scrape the last of the cake from the bottom of your mug with the spoon. "But the cake was great, thank you."

"Uh huh. You can't date a game, Ash."

You don't dignify that with an answer. All you feel is vertigo.

You're back in the city, standing by the fountain in the marketplace. It's later now. A lot of the stalls have closed, and the streets are much emptier. The fisherman and the piece of tile have gone. Only fish remain.

The cafes and bars around the edge of the markets are still open. There's no sign of Lily.

>Contact Lily.
>Write in.
>Quit Arcadia.

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Since you're not planning on being social, there's no reason to waste money on eating out when there are perfectly good, or mostly good, leftovers in the fridge. When you get back to your room, Emily's got her glasses clamped on and is talking to someone; probably Mike. If she hears you come in, she doesn't acknowledge you. She seems to be having an argument.

You shower, and you can't help scanning the room for more of those bugs as you do so. To your relief, the bathroom remains bug-free.

Emily's eating when you get back, and she gives you a look that's half apologetic, and half irritated. "Sorry I yelled."

"Okay." You shrug. Not much to do but wait for relations to thaw.

You plug your glasses in and sit down on your bed to play Arcadia.

An instant of vertigo later, you find yourself once again in warm, fragrant surroundings. Time has passed here, but not as much as in the real world; the sun is dipping towards the horizon, but it's still daylight. Large clouds are lit up in shades of pink and orange near the horizon. You're up to your knees in the stream, and the water's even colder than before. You have your Walking Staff in one hand your Mirror in the other, and are wearing nothing but your game-issued immovable bra and panties.

Oh yeah, fuck. Where are your clothes? You look about in panic, wondering if they've been washed away, but someone has placed them on the bank, and folded the neatly. They're dry. The rest of your belongings, your belt and the daggers, are still there also.

You wade over and put on your clothes.

>Check out that round statue on the other side of the stream.
>Go somewhere else.
>Check character sheet.
>Write in.
>Quit Arcadia.

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I'm going to go, but if you can keep this thread alive with your dumping i'd be immensely happy.

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