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Oh. OH. Shit I totally misunderstood, I'm sorry. Yeah, you've got a 100% green light on that combo.

>-Rubric of Ahriman (300CP): In the days following the Horus Heresy, the Thousand Sons was afflicted with a horrific, increasingly debilitating set of mutations that simply kept piling on. While Magnus the Red had a temporary solution, it was Ahzek Ahriman that managed to figure out a means to accomplish what he needed. He created the Rubric of Ahriman, and while it did solve the issue of mutations it had other side effects. Those with latent or active Psyker potential had their abilities tremendously magnified, but those who had no such talent were sealed within their armor and turned to dust, effectively made automatons to serve as mindless minions. For better or for worse, you have gained the knowledge of this ritual with a little bit of a caveat; you can choose to use this complex ritual to turn others into Rubric soldiers, or to grant the abilities of a Psyker into others. All is not yet Dust.
I'm gonna go with "yes".

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One that you have yet to ever take steps to correct. Thanks for enabling me.

All I'm hearing is "make a set of monk robes to give cultivators".

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>page 8
I don't want it to end

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Don't worry, it'll all be back to the status quo by next week.

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I think we have forgot some things...
We need multiple grappling hooks/anchors, an armored prow and probably more.

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>Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
>Mag Uruk Thraka
>Margaret Thatcher

It all makes sense now

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>I thought you meant Texas Christians
>mfw I realize what you really meant

Then again, considering Chris-chan's track record, if you gave him a gun he'd probably shoot himself in the leg and bleed to death while he screams for JULAYYY to come save him.

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>They sure are upbeat about having been remodeled to serve two incompatible roles and then being useless at both of them.

You just changed the course of this *entire* fucking thread.

You have just sent it to a place of wonders.

Later, when it all goes shenanigans up, I will look back at this post and share with you a bro nod.

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Arizona makes an abortive motion with her arms, as if she was going to fling the box away, but settles for a bright, slightly too-wide smile, and nods.

“Really hungry, huh?”

She shakes her head.

“For someone else, then.”

She nods.

You grin at her, leaning heavily on your cane as you leeeaaan in a little closer. “A lot of someone else's, eh?”

She nods enthusiastically, her eyes skittering around your edges as they seek the exit behind you. You keep a lidded-eyed look of suspicion on your face, but a smile's fighting its way onto your face. Such a stalwart, stoic, silent warship, but getting caught on a donut run for someone makes her fall right to pieces. “For Kongou, perhaps?”

She purses her lips and shakes her head, holding up her fingers, one, two, three, four, as if counting. Many people, not one person – her expression is slightly wounded, as if insulted you thought you could catch her in such a fashion.

As fun as this is, your curiosity is really getting the better of you – and if there's anyone on the whole base you trust unconditionally, it's Arizona. So you just ask. “Okay, I give up – who's it for? Why so nervous?”

She tilts her head a little too quickly – nervous, who me? - and holds out her hand low, patting an imaginary head. “For the destroyers?”

She smiles and nods.

“Whatever for?”

She describes a circle on the air around her with one hand, balancing the box on one arm, and then sweeps her palm overhead, like feeling out the interior of a bubble.

“AA protection!”

She grins and nods.

“Well, that'll do the trick,” you agree. “Nothing gets people on your side like...”

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>firing a 30 000-ton slug 4%+ speed of light

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>DDD includes The world ends with you characters

True KH is indeed composed of stupid shit that would never work out in real life. I guess I should include something along those lines.

I kind of have a perk that sort of does this. But if I should include a Drawback +0 version I'll do it.

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>Destructible roofs and floors
>XCOM can do breaches from above or below!
>Berserkers bullrushing down from the ceilings or up from the floor

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“So, what was all that about?” Sammy asks.

“Nothin, she just wanted to Express her Regrets about yesterday,” you said. “Wants to introduce me to the base good and proper and all that.”

“What, they're throwing you a welcome party?” Hate and Sammy are overcome by identical expressions of glee. “Will there be cake!?” they sing-song in unison.

You snort. “Nothing so extravagant. She just asked me to dinner tonight.”

The destructive duo's happy expressions seem to freeze, then shatter.

“.... what?” you say as you swirl the last of your rather-dense meatloaf around your plate.

Their eyes widen as one, a pair of cold, dead stares that bore into you. You peer back at them quizzically, trying to figure out -

- “fuck ME.”

>There is no fucking way this is happening. You guys are wrong. You're wrong in all the ways.
>What the actual how shit does these what how in the literal fuck?
>Hate, I require an emergency tonight and I require it FAST.

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Just read Death of Integrity, the majority of the novel was boring, and mediocrely written, but the ending made it worth reading.

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“THAT'S ON YOU, YA ENGLISH TARTS. YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU,” he snarls, jabbing his finger at each guilty witch with their arm-full of dazed young man, “AND ABOVE ALL, ESPECIALLY, THE GOD-DAMNED RINGLEADER OF THIS DEBAUCHED YOUTH-CORRPUTING THREE RING CIRCUS – YOOOOOOoooo o oo o o u!?”

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Every time I see this I think this guy is twerking.

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>check /tg/
>tab to IRC
>"Ghost you didn't say you were r-"
>realize he NEVER tells me when he's running
>realization dawns

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>shared meals

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>That moment when you realize there's a really silly flaw you missed.

I'll fix that up, I will!

And thank you for your feedback.

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>box is the only thing holding the barrier intact

Man am I glad we didn't do anything with the box.

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>had their way with me

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I have not the slightest idea.

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Holy...that would be something new to him.

Or a friend of his? A sibling? Who knows...

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