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Does this help?

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What's the most interesting character you've made in Pathfinder /tg/?

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The three types of demons fit three different MOs
-Onda are faustian bargainers who want to rule all other fiends and replace the gods. They use delicious mortal souls for this.
-Atrox are basically animals and don't give a shit about mortals.
-Vorges inherited a blinding hatred from Vorgo but unlike his hatred for women and the gods (especially Kilde) they sort of vaguely hate everything and wouldn't mind blowing up all existence of they could.

Needless to say, the Onda are the brains of the operation and get the most worshipers/cultists.

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After much deliberation, we have decided on our reply: No.

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ITT: /tg/ proves to me that skeletons are the coolest race in almost any traditional game, and that zombies are lame.
Bonus points for giving game examples.

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Guys please, we all know what the best element ever is.

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Hey /tg/, I've got Terra Primate and some AFMBE books on the way.

Tell me about your AFMBE/TP games, your Apeworlds, and your Deadworlds.

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Hey /tg/, how do you Undead?
Do you simply have a mindless hoard controlled by one Arch-Lich?
Are they all individuals with their own personalities and grievances or optimisms with undeath?
Do certain great individuals have control of their thoughts but the layman just turns into a mindless puppet?
Are they merely a small group? a town? a city? a kingdom? an Empire?

How do you Necromany?
Is Necromancy inherently Evil in your setting?
Good even?

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spending time with friends is important to maintaining ones sanity.

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"Hey Bro, check this out."

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You though you had turned around a mere minute after leaving but its been 4 weeks. The man is no longer around. And you wondered into a place with less than friendly skeletons. +30 attack each. 50Hp each. They attack you.

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There was a man, Necromancer found love and yet lost her too early. The love for her denied him to simply bring her back to life or unlife. He had to ask her personally. "Speak to Dead" spell doesn't allow him to speak just to her, but her body and what this body knew. Her soul was gone. She was gone.

Driven by power, he grew in power to do what he knew of only one person ever did, Transcend to godhood. Vecna did it, and he was a necromancer, why cant he?

From level 1 to level 20, the Dreadnecromancer slain, murdered, conquered, tortured, and stole all in the name of his lost love. The army of dead, and his cold heart shown no mercy to the countless enemies that vowed to stop him. And at last! He rose form this mortal body, and raced to find her in the afterlife.

She ran form his sight, disgusted what he had become.

DM said it rained black in that area of the world for two days.

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need to feed
must stay within 10km of your coffin
must return to said specific coffin every dawn til dusk
cant cross moving water
weakness to silver
cant go near a church or cemetery
still vulnerable to all the things that kill mortals

what's the upside again?

>Lich master race reporting in btw
skellingtons are cool too, I have like a million friends who are skeletons.

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Liches need need melee?
Right then.
Plant control and hyper regen? Yeah, I'll take that.
Sword's nothing fancy, just need a sturdy chopper.
Chains for GET OVER HERE.

Look for other liches, because sharing is fun.

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I am looking for a good forum for simple text based role playing

As in stuff were people just post a application on the campaign they want to joins thread and it just follows simple rules and mechanics the OP made up

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

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Just some fancy skellies. Looking like a reanimated king and his court.

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"You came to the wrong neighbourhood, fleshbag"

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Death Knight Crusader with conversion to negative energy.

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