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I got it bad man, I hear they have huge sex drives too. Here's an orcish female in traditional dress.

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I need some courtesans, whores, prostitutes, femme fatales, you name it.

Pic unrelated.

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and one I forgot about

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Become a orc?

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/tg/ I want to have a topic about sex in roleplaying

How do you do roleplay and why? Also why do you avoid it in your game.

For me it was experimentation. It turned out that I have a good understanding on how to improvise an appealing sexual scenario for my players. It was a bumpy ride where sometimes I got a lot of praise for hiting the jackpot with a good image,descripition or overall turnout of a scene and there were times when players just voted FUCK NO for womb penetrating hentai bullshit. Here are my tips on how to run a sex scene:

1. Decide whether the sex scene wil be for player and her/his waifu or just a dirty quick fuck with a an alley hooker
2.B For the alley hooker make it quick replenishing and down to bussiness. Don't make it special for the character rather let him think of it as pissing. This will make the players less motivated to constantly use your improvised last minute sex dolls and focus on wooing a courtisan or a potential romantic interest.
2A. If its not a low class hooker but a reccuring character/waifu/geisha you first need to make her sexy or moe. It is best to first present characteristiks that fall into those two categories. A good method to finding out what your players like is what I call the "baker's daughters scenario"

The baker's daughters scenario:
PC's go trough towns and they smell a delicious aroma from the bakery. Bread costs little and there is enough cultural cake reference for the party in order for the players to get motivated to go there. There are two daughters that sell different products, one you will describe as sexy and the second as a moe character

TIPS on how to subtly describe character as moe
-Sells cakes, sweets, or Gingerbread Men. Something that she can play with, give out or strike as pretty
-has a cute clumsy/scared attitude
-shares with children or animals
-wears something cute but connected to the job, like an oversized bakers hat that makes her constantly reposition it

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Honestly I don't understand you guys at all.

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Why do Orcs speak Giant and Common, but Goblins get their own entire god damn language?

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Yes, but I'm a "Noblebright" dm, anon, so racism is just as diverse and rich as the species who are victims of it.... it's also Largely regional.

For instance: If you're a Centaur or some sort of Fairy, Gnome, or other Fey creature or animal person it isn't to unheard of for your kind to step into a pub or inn in a Rural Area to grab a beer or something. Not to mention they're more than welcome to sell their wares at the Farmers market and Centaurs often just live a long side Farming Humans since Bread and garden vegetables are fucking delicious.

When it comes to The city though: Dwarves, Giants and Elven Tourists are usually pretty common. You might see an animal person or two.. but if you're an Orc, Ogre, or Wild Human you might get a few looks.

On the flip-side there's Also The Orc Strongholds where unless you're a Human, Ogre, or Animal person you can usually be expected to be thrown out.

The Changeling Archipelago though is pretty accepting.. being that Changelings can be whatever they want to be they usually don't give to much of a shit about "Those who lack fluidity of form." So Humans, Orcs, Animal people, Giants, Dwarves and all sorts a like can often be seen in Changeling run places without too much discrimination.

Ironically enough the "Fey/nature" types are usually the most racist.. and the least racist. If you're Wearing animal skins(Being naked is also acceptable), shit in a hole, and practice druidism you're alright. If you so much as have pants on though they'll tell you to piss off.

Oh, the exception being Gnomes and Cyclopses- They're actually pretty on the level and not completely fucking bonkers. Both of them understand the importance of nature as well as modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and pants.

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From a romantic/consenting stand point..

I think Orcs would be attracted to things like:
Beards, cute human noses, big muscles, lean muscles, toned butts, bubble butts, body hair, our cute little canine teeth, our weird genitals, our nubby round little ears, and probably our voices.

Their tastes in skin colours though would probably be as varied as our own since Orcs themselves can come in Brown, Black, Green, lime green, and even Red.

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