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The dakka guns on the bikes are twin linked, meaning you get to re-roll missed shots.

In addition, you have to assault the target you shoot if you shot them that turn.

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Post any warhammer pics. Preferably Necrons and tau if you can supply.

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Different anon here. I didn't hate Nemesis, why did you? The whole SPOILER! exercise in futility? the saving throw of it for me is the insight into the assassins and of course all of the stuff with Dorn Malcador etc.

Now Battle for the Abyss. Shit, complete and utter shit. I can't for the life of me understand people who like/defend that pile of fucking garbage.

Though I'd think most everyone can agree that The First Heretic is very well done. Yay ADB.

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Do you think they will rerelease heretic/cultist squads?

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Sleepy marine upholding the strengths of the Chapter...

>A battle brother from a previous generation Successor or even the First Founding legion that provided the new Chapters's gene seed.

1d100 again just to see what his rank was!

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an this is my last

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didnt hear a no

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IIRC, marines start with:

Ambidextrous (can use both hands equally well)
True Grit (halves critical damage)
Bulging Biceps (can use heavy weapons without bracing)
Unarmed Master (Bare fists do 1d10+Strength Bonus (usually about 8, 10 with power armor on) and do NOT count as primitive)
Killing Strike (This is new, I think, no idea what it does)
Nerves of Steel (Can reroll willpower against pinning)
Quick Draw (can ready weapons as a free action)
Resistance (Psychic Powers) (+10% to WP to resist Psykers)

and several others. The basics summary of the effects of their many implants are listed on the character sheet in >>11884943

You can also see the talents that all marines start with on the other half in >>11884923

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Rogue Trader has a point buy.

And 5 seconds doesn't seem too bad.

>boustabe Churchill

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Marines, Cover?

Not sure if Heresy.

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What does the Kill Team do? Do they just sit tight and wait for rescue? Will rescue come? Did they get an astropathic distress call off? Did the Dark Eldar notice the Kill-team escaped? Will they want to hunt the Marines?

What will they do for supplies? The power packs will last for about a month of use (IIRC), and they've only got whatever ammo they can carry and was in the pod (a handful of reloads each). Can they find more supplies in wreckage from the ship? Presumably the main body of the ship came down somewhere, do they try to find it?

I figure in a month or so an Imperial Frigate/Cruiser shows up in orbit to investigate the distress call. Until then they just gotta survive the attentions of the local wizard/sorcerers, the Feral Orks (who take a big interest in these 'ard metal men) and the Dark Eldar, who would love to have some Astartes trophies/slaves. I'm a bit worried that such an adventure might be frustrating for the players however. Stuck with dwindling supplies on a backwater world.

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More Nurgle.

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So on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) what would you rate Flight of the Eisenstein?

I'm looking to buy the book since I have become interested in 40k lore after reading Galaxy in Flames and A Thousand Sons.

Also, please don't post any spoilers.

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How many of you have read the actual adventure.

Cause fuck it, if you're willing to put up with me, one wiht minimal GMing experience, I'll give it a shot. Someone's gotta step forward, might as well be me.

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No confirmation, just throw in some junk info. Just keep hitting accept/continue even if it asks for credit card and stuff (its free so it will keep going).

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Giving this a bump for the Emperor.

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