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What faction has the best infantry, and why is it the Imperial Guard?

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Terranis Holds.

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Having never seen such colors before, the kriegs guardsman is confused

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How can I make Death Korps of Krieg work in friendly games?

I kind of figured that you buy as many Earthshakers as possible and as many infantry squads as you can -with maybe a Demolisher or two thrown in there somewhere- and try to table your opponent with artillery fire

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Are the Space Wolves fur-clad barbaric women mainly selected from feral worlds?

Pic very much related.

They aren't "cogs", but fatalistic warriors whose likely, tragic sacrifice is held in utmost regard, they are the frontline guardians of the beauty of the Imperium, they give their life to defend (and avenge) what they hold dear.

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>especially since the Ruinous Powers clouded his prescience during the HH

*citation needed

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>Yeah, Guard are meant to be played like faggots.

fuck no. I have a DkoK army that is manly as fuck. Nazikamikazes.

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At least people on planets have the decency to ask about origins! It was rather common among the Voidborn - after all, if you came from a famous ship, you in turn must be a good person, its natural. "I am from the Rangers Talents - by Domniator, by The Sacred Litam, spent some time onboard "The Sacred Mertaliam" before ending up here" She blinks at you.. clearly she must be impressed by you having spent time on the warship Domniator, it was not really a home, but you spent three weeks there with your uncle while he was loading it with supplies, despite that it was an official visit and you had the tag to prove it! "So.. your voidborn then..?" "No" you retort "Born on a planet apparently - but its the first time I've been on one I can really remember - uncle took me to one before, but I was just five can't remember much - its such a strange place, what did you mean with used to be a lady anyway?" you continue "Your a boy now..?"

She seems a bit overwhelmed for a moment - planet born people sure tends to be a bit slow.. before she answers "Um.. no, not quite, just I was- Oh never mind, its not important - how do you find the planet so far?" "Filled with jerks - every time I try and speak with a planet-born he's all defensive, its like they've got mold in their brains - is that where the molding planet comes from?" you respond

"Molding? What do you mean molding?"

"The planet! Did you not look at it from space, there was gray and green everywhere, like it was molding - I swear by the cogs it was there!" - using your uncles favorite, it seemed appropriate, swearing by a ships cogs was after all a very strong vow, but you where certain! "Um.. I think you just saw the cities and the forest from above Schulte" she responds, wiping some sweat from her face "If planets molded, I'd have fallen through one ages ago"

>How do we respond?

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You feel yourself panicking, so many questions are rushing into your mind, what if they hate you..? What if the ship crashes..? What if the planet breaks - mold makes things weaker!?

Slapping yourself in the face with both hands you try to calm down - logic, what did Uncle Eric always say...?

"Do something when your uneasy" - That is it.

Deciding that you had best focus on something else you grab the crate - focusing your attention on ensuring its tight...

Planet mold.

Tight, secured, you had better clean up, yes - clean ups are good. You stand up, shaking your body from top to toe trying to get rid of any dust that have settled across you during your sorties around the holding bay, taking the time to straighten out your dress you feel yourself calming down slightly, until you notice the ship, and the fact that it's about to land.

Planet mold.

You grasp your dress, peering in horror at the ship as it enters the holding area a hundred meters or so away from you - dust flies around the air as all you can think of is how large and hulking it is, like some manner of beast coming to gobble you up.

>What do we do?

>Try and use logic to calm down (Roll)
>Fiddle about more in panic.


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Is there a way to make a competitive Death Korps Army list?

I recently just got back into 40k and picked up some minis from FW. I saw their codex, but I'm not totally sure if I should use it or the normal IG codex.

Also, can I even use the DKoK codex in competitive games?

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