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Its been far too long since we've had one of these. Please post any saved screencaps you may have, or if you have anything you think is worth telling us about, don't be shy.

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On top of that he left the relative security of the barricade before to gather as many trapped civilians he could in the heavily contested parts of the city and lead them back, defying the wishes of his Order in doing so, who viewed that whole area as lost.

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>Keep in mind the Player Character was from an unaffiliated order, he was entirely within his rights to ignore the situation or otherwise remain neutral

What actually happened:
>The Elf Paladin steps in, tries to defuse the situation
>Failing that, he sees things are about to get violent and so turns and sides with the Loyalist pro-slavers and arrests her (for blasphemy) to avoid bloodshed
>the pro-slavers. Really.
>I'm not sweating it that much, all the Outcast Paladin has to do is reach the nearest Loyalist and Smite Evil so both the crowd and Elf Paladin player will see something's up
>Paladin PC rolls beats her initiative, and then rolls a goddamn natural 20 to grapple and tie her up with the shackles he has on hand
>Ignores everything she says as some crazy-speak (Evil Paladins? As if!), doesn't so much as do a sense-fucking-motive on the pro-slavers let alone detect evil
>His plan was to pretend to take her to the courthouse to await trial then just release her at the first opportunity
>Doesn't count on being escorted by two Loyalist on the way there
>Meanwhile the Outcast loyalists have either fled or been rounded up
>I'm losing it internally because while he mulls over what to do with this one prisoners her followers are being literally massacred out of sight and the faux-Paladin's plans are being accelerated to complete their hold on the city
>The PC only starts to clue on to the fact that something's wrong when the Paladins outright state there's no need for a trial, she'll be executed that night
>Outcast leader eventually breaks free in the jail long enough to Smite one of the Loyalists in front of the PC
>After he flips his shit and calms down enough to stop screaming "IT'S A CONSPIRACY! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!" he joins in and smites the other faux-Paladin into dust

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Somewhat related to OP's story, in the sense it involves retarded goths.

Think that's all I've got on me at the moment. Night /tg/.

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as /tg/ as any

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Request from >>34169410

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