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>tfw someone actually saved your WIP シ
glad you found it useful anon, one day I'll finish it and post a cleaned up version.

>the crazy hobo prophet
>the rogue who knows the truth of what happened
>the merchant who doesn't know the truth but will make up a story to benefit himself
>the child who lost everything
>the prostitute who is in debt to the party
>the town mayor, and he's relieved

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Oh I've played plenty of games from other genres or fantasy subgenres. I just got the itch to play a high fantasy campaign in the style of, I don't know, Final Fantasy's Ivalice, or (from what I gather) Monster Hunter's setting in general. You know, there's a high level of magic and there's heroes and monsters and all that crap. Really, that stuff you'd use D&D for. I wanna go back to basics but good god, D&D is just insufferable to play after all this time.

The thing about most fantasy games is that they tend to avoid D&D's territory (for obvious, understandable reasons) so they tend to go with a subgenre or twist of fantasy like "ooh everything is bad and you're a shit-stained peasant" or it's geared towards "playing down" things like character power level, or magic, because of this odd belief that in order to have a good, respectable game you need to turn your fantasy setting into srs bsns.

Again, D&D 4e nails this to a T in most things, but the weakest parts of the system are D&D roots that "had to be there" and take away from the good things about it. Like, they went all in with a fully renovated system aimed at tactical play, teamwork and character balance, but the fact that they had to go with 1d20+Mods (because it's D&D) and balanced everything around it means that there's a lot of baggage in tiny mods and other crap that I legitimately cannot care about.

Thanks for the insight, anon.

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