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You know, /tg/, I <spoiler> legimately like the idea of Khornate sorcerers and don't mind seeing them in games and literature.

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Chaos or 'Crons.

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Pardon me /tg/ I was perusing GW's site looking around and noticed a certain Ork model was now 40 dollars. Now I say the "Back when I started" shit allot but I'm pretty sure it used to be 20 when it came out before 08

Would anyone happen to have a chart of the price of individual units over the years?

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Not so easily infidel!

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So how would you guys rate the new chaos codex? I have allot of mixed feelings about it to be honest personally. I mean I feel like the new HQ options are more of an after thought in comparison to the Named Characters..

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/tg/ do you even praise the Dark Gods?

I'm looking to try out some Chaos Daemons, so I'm breaking out my ancient Chaos Space Marine force to bring it up to 2000. Before I buy anything I want to run the army concept through the ringer, and there's no better place than board sweet board.

>Primary Detachment
>Chaos Sorcerer, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Terminator Armor 140
>6 Chaos Terminators, 6 Pairs Lightning Claws, Icon of Slaanesh 255
>7 Plague Marines, 2 Flamer 171
>7 Plague Marines, 2 Flamer 171
>7 Plague Marines, 2 Flamer 171
>2 Obliterators 150
>[TOTAL: 1058]
>Allied Detachment
>Bloodthirster, Blessing of the Blood God 255
>9 Flamers of Tzeentch 207
>8 Bloodletters 128
>8 Bloodletters 128
>9 Screamers of Tzeentch 225
[>TOTAL: 943]
>[GRAND TOTAL: 2001]

Who needs assault grenades when your Sorceror can just yell "GET OVER HERE!"?

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Maybe, just maybe...

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In a game between IG and CSMs, what's the minimum point value for things to be equal? It's over 750pts, that I know.

Also, which .armies are the most "individualistic", if you will? I'm a total noob to 40k.

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/tg/, ive been a fan of 40k for years now, i have some codexes ,the rulebook, and some black library novels but ive never had the money to really start playing until now. im pretty sure im going to play chaos since i find them to be my favorite army fluff-wise. i know 6th edition is coming out next week so this is all for naught, but what is the average opinion of chaos marines in the 40k community? are they a decent army on the tabletop? are they a popular army? please enlighten me fa/tg/uys...

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THE BEGINNING PHASE: The first thing Players do each Beginning Phase is Initiative -

Initiative: Players determine who goes first each Game Turn with a Roll-Off for Initiative. Players each get a bonus to this Roll-Off equal to the highest Ag value amongst their Units. The winner of this Roll-Off must choose which Player is the first Active Player this Game Turn.

Once the Active Player is determined, the Beginning Phase provides the following Actions to them (Certain Special Rules and Unit Types will grant other Actions, even to other Players, during the Beginning Phase).

Phase: Any Members: Entire Unit
Restrictions: None

Details: The Unit finishes its current Activation. It may perform Actions as a result of, or in response to, other Actions, but may perform no Actions of its own.

Phase: Beginning Members: Entire Unit
Restrictions: If Unit Morale is Broken, at least 25% of the Unit's original size must still be alive.

Details: The Unit immediately takes a Morale Check to remove Suppression.

Phase: Beginning Members: Entire Unit
Restrictions: Must be a Unit in Reserves

Details: The Unit enters the Battlefield according to its Reserves Type. It counts as having already Moved in the proceeding Phases.

Phase: Any Members: Entire Unit
Restrictions: The Unit must not be Falling Back, Pinned, or have taken any other Actions yet this Phase

Details: The Unit takes the rest of its Actions at Initiative 0 this Phase

Explaining the Terms: Some of the terms above are new. Morale Checks, Reserves, Suppression Modifiers, Voluntary Actions – these have yet to be explained. After each Phase's description and Actions, we'll explain any new terms, or tell you where to find them.

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rolled 42 = 42


no, no, that really was a 1 on a 1d100 roll

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sorry friend i don't have much in my /tg/ folder, and sadly i do mostly save 40k art.

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>The CSM codex is written by Phil Kelly
Yes! Glorious!

>6th edition is written by Mat Ward.
Extremely conflicted about this.

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I don't think he'll be Abaddon's bitch for long. Just look at his name; Eliphas the INHERITOR. What do you think he'll inherit?

hint: it rhymes with "shblack shlegion"

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Isn't that pretty much how almost all Chaos Lords are portrayed? Besides, not every attack led by Abaddon is a huge frontal assault. One of his so-called 'crusades' was nothing more than a series of raids all over the place that resulted in mass panic and confusion, as well as the acquisition of the Hand of Darkness and Eye of Night. The Antecanis Massacre described in the rulebook is another example of Abby going for a more indirect approach - he launches an attack against a supply world, cripples it and leaves with loot and bitches before Imperial reinforcements arrive, while using his uninformed 'allies' as a meatshield, then proceeds to come and go throughout the sector as he pleases.

There's also the Crythe Cluster campaign in Soul Hunter, a further example of Abaddon trying to plunder resources rather than make some ill-conceived attempt to topple the Imperium once and for all. And he probably would have succeeded too, if the Night Lords weren't pussies who ran away at the first sign of a real fight.

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While I hate to do this sort of thing, I need your help /tg/.
A long, LONG time ago I saw a glimpse, mabey one or two pages of a 40K comic in which an Imperial Bastion much like this one shown was under seige by Chaos and multiple titans. It focused in on two loyalist Astartes, trapped or abandoned in the front lines who were masquerading as traitors so as not to be killed.
The only line I can remember is one asking the other "How much longer must we put up this charade, brother?" or something to that effect. The art style would make one think this comic is not too old, but I must have seen it atleast one or two years ago.
It stumbled on my mind, and now I really wish that I could have read it.

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>>The Tau wield powerful weapons which the imperials in their hubris have forgotten.
>>They're called compassion and mercy.
The Tau don't have to deal with Chaos insurgency.

The fact that they don't have something equivalent to the inquisition makes any human populations they try to assimilate/conquer a significant point of weakness.

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If the Chaos battlecry is "Death to the False Emperor", then who is the true Emperor?

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Now, I may be all alone in this, but hear me out.

You know what I'd like? I'd like the same Codex choices for Chaos Space Marines than the loyalists get. They still have eight vastly different and awesome Chaos Legions, after all, no?

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