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Ultramarines was just a totally uninteresting movie. Lame, predictable plot, bad visuals, and like half the movie is just shot after shot of them walking around a foggy environment. That's it, just them navigating the environment.

It's especially baffling because marines, especially ultramarines are GW's boys. Yet this movie makes them out to be boring chumps. They stand around in the open, and then get shot. SPACE MARINES!

If they make another 40K movie, it should be a musical. Maybe about a daemonhost who is blind, deaf and dumb.

Also, the whole thing is up on youtube in case anyone hasn't seen it yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1tn4bO1lHI

Prepare for the most amazing hour and 15 minutes of geriatric supermen walking around and getting shot.

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