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Delta Green /tg/. I've been trying to get an idea of what it's actually like.
Anybody got any cool stories? Bumping with cosmic horrors to pass the time.

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Imagine you had men and women granted sight beyond sight, vision of a second world that exists within ours, but outside our knowledge.
Now imagine there was a guardian who made certain that no one would know the truth of this world.

When the eldritch mysteries are revealed to seers and oracles, it is said it is only a matter of time before the Demure One finds them and takes the payment for viewing what should not be seen.

The very eyes with which they see the world of humans. All that is left is their vision of the second world, the world of those who exist beyond the curtain that exists to preserve our sanity.

It's an obscure myth because most subjects that could be related to this phenomenon commit suicide in gruesome ways or go babblingly insane before they can relate the tale of how they lost their eyes.

There's been a recent surge of finding dead people on the streets, their eyes scooped out without leaving much of a trace. Authorities believe the removal of the eyes was not the cause of death.

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That hold was abandoned for a reason. Do this to them.

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I'm thinking of copying that into my campaign and putting a world-eating eldritch abomination inside just to mess with savvy players. I can picture it already.

They'd grin smugly and ask me if Remove Disease cures radiation sickness.

And I'd tell them it does.

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>offer an ascetic monk a beer
If the consensus it this, it's A-OK by me, by the way. You can even try hitting him, although this will likely result in BAD END

>Is this IC talk?

You try to look at Anton's corpse through the lens of the Void.

It seems to work perfectly! You can clearly see him getting up from the ground, although you're not certain he used to be twenty feet tall.
Or be created from the stuff of nightmares.

Each limb a writhing, contracting and expanding mass of black flesh, dripping its corrupt blood upon the ground.
The sins of the dead haunt them, as they rise from the ground, chanting at the now completely changed shape that was once man, but is now nothing more than a protoplasmic mass of wrongness.
The souls of the deceased join together, forming cysts, overflowing with pus, calling to you.





Witnessing its splendorous defecation upon the very concept of sanity is enriching. Like a small needle, slowly put through your eyeballs.

Slowly, pushing ever so gently, yet wriggling every millimeter of the way, so as to assure you that yes, within your eye is a cold, pointy piece of metal.

You're slapped by Sam and regain your composure. Anton's still lying on the ground.
Another of your hallucinations. This time, you almost jumped off the cliff side in delirium.

>Is this IC?

>seriously, what the fuck. Two warnings for spam.
>mootles, please fix 4chan yes.

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more underground cities!

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no love for us?

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