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The Warp has overtaken us.
Instead of reporting and ignoring blatant troll posts, we engage. And all that begets is seething impotent rage on the internet.
Buttrage for the Butt God.
Spergs for the Sperg Throne.

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Probably but the WIP Johnny Marine is a direct product of the EE&E joke. Here's another early example.

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IRL I'd probably fall to Slaanesh.
If I was in the 40k universe, I'd probably start worshiping Khorne by myself.

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>Raphen in the Death Company

Did I miss a book? In the first terrible Omnibus, he pulled a Mephiston, told the Black Rage to fuck itself, and grabbed the McGuffin Spear and made Chaos BTFO.

He comes back in the second book. He even see's the cameo by Astorath, who basically says GG WP, and fuck off across the galaxy to find real death company candidates. Raphen then proceed to kill Fabius Bile like 5 times.


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Warboss Ghazghkull and his forces from the third war for Armageddon head to the Octarius sector and fights the Tyranids and the great WAAAGH! is calling all orks there from all over the galaxy. Will the orks beat the Tyranids?

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Yea no doubt the Sister has it in the bag.

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A classic

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I'll see what I can do, but for now I'm off.

Hope you people enjoy it.

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My fellow fa/tg/uys! I have a gift for you today; a self-created character folio for Rogue Trader.

It's heavily based off of the Dark Heresy character folio, as some of you might notice, but I tried to include some of the elements exclusive to RT and and overall give it a more Rogue Trader feel. It's still a work in progress, and we'll refer to this version as version one. I definitely want some constructive criticisms on where I've left things out, what should be changed, what doesn't feel right or belong, etc. so I can make this better for everyone, and anyone can help if they want. I delved into some of the splat books to include more content (Such as the expanded psychic powers from The Navis Primer), but not deeply and I'm sure I've missed some important things.
Also, if anyone can think of anything to make this feel more "40k-y", like quotes to go in the corners and backdrops of pages, or additional images, it'd definitely help.
As of now, this folio is at 35 pages; front and back, and thirty-three pages of content. Sadly I don't have access to any software to make a .pdf, so the files are in .png format at around 140mb.

I originally started this about a week and a half ago as a few simple pages to include all of the skill groups with stat boxes since I'll be GMing a RT game in a few weeks, but it quickly gew and I decided to make it something comprehensive for my players to use, and anyone here as well.
Feel free to share any thoughts


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>Fun for the whole family

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Hey, /tg/;

Ways of saying goodbye in fiction general.

I'm looking to make a list of these, so I can try and spice up the RP aspects of my games. I think stuff like "May your days be long, and your hardships few" really add a lot of flavor to the setting, so, I was hoping maybe we could get some of these babies rolling around.

Pic is always related, in every way.

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I could dig it, better than being on the receiving end.

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How have you served the Ruinous Powers today?

I voted for Golden Dawn.

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