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>I get the fuck out

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>I'm not sure what insemination without abuse means, and I asked him to clarify but he just responded "SIGH".
Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave.

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Sure, it's an insult.

But to be honest I don't give a shit. I would just go to the border as he expects me to, then drop everything and just bugger off into the other country.

I'm not his slave, fuck that shit: I'm out of there!

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No, you should never trust fairies.

Actually, scratch that: you should never trust anyone. Especially orks.

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In a way, it was fortunate. If any member of the group could have been deemed the most stable, the members of the group probably would have voted for the no-nonsense, lho-stick-smoking cowboy cogboy.

When the oldest, probably the most stable and wisest member of the team let out a blood-curdling scream and took to his spurred heels in wild panic down the corridor, the rest of the group took that to mean that GTFO had been declared again. We took to our heels (and robotic paws,) following Blue’s call of “Change of plans; LEG IT!” and Galforth’s order to “IGNOREIGNOREIGNORE,” and fueled by fresh, untapped reserves of adrenaline, we ran like the daemons of the warp were after us, because in this case that was literally true.

The daemon must have though this was funny as hell, because its laughter boomed after us, changing eerily in pitch in ways no unaugmented human voice could possibly do; Slick lead the pack, in the full-on grips of terror, and the rest of us pounded deck plates to keep up with him, potentia coils whining, whirring, or overvolting, most of the group sweating like pigs while Blue shone like a beacon.

Eventually, the laughter faded, and a spell after that, our frenzied, panicked flight reduced to a jog, then we slowed down to catch our breath. Ivan summarized the encounter, saying “Zo. I take it dot vos not a friendly tink hyu zaw?”

(Animated image, BTW.)

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I nope.gif the fuck out and go live in the neighboring, hostile kingdom.

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>how dare the players think more than just "hurr I stab the guard and go in with my weapons"
>how dare they have fun

>Oh noes, the group will probably murderhobo everything in my city
>better have guards that can beat everything they do and shit on the party

I had hoped this thread was not full of autism, but I was wrong once again.

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Yes, you brought this on yourself.

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Oh right. I already forgot about THAT thread. Thanks for reminding me...I guess?

I really hope someone screencapped that shit and stored it. It'll take a real killer-thread to beat that. Just... Uhhh.

May the dice gods protect us from a fate worse than any of that. Actually, anything even close to that.

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Alternatively if that doesn't work do pic related, along with the DM and the good players!

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I'm not asking you, anon! Jesus! It's not all about you.
I'm just gonna look for someone else.

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Glad you've stuck with us til the end.

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Whatever, you do what you want.

I don't need this shit in my life.

Yeah, at least some aren't fucking degenerates. Woe betide them if they dare speak against their bretheren though.

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Fuck him, I'm out.

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Here's what you do, OP.

Pic related. From every encounter.

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Close enough
>Not wanting to keep your arms and legs
>Not wanting to be able to hug the ones you love
>Not wanting your legs so that you can romantically carry your lover away.
>Thinking that "do anything for you" isn't a cover for "murder anything that might keep you away from your new family"
>So we turn the corner, and find ourselves staring down the barrel of a hellgun.
>She asks us to drop our gear and turn around
>Surprisingly to everyone, Johna starts to comply, dropping his hellgun, un-clipping his pistol and putting his bag on the ground.
>Everyone else starts to comply as well.
>That is until Johna does something that shouldn't have worked.
>Really, the dice gods either took pity on us, or were so pleased by the performance thus far that they wanted things to continue later.
>Anyway, Johna's grand scheme was to throw the stuffed bear at her and hope that she was delayed long enough for everyone to get the fuck out and lock the door behind them.
>And with an audible *Pomf* sound, the bear impacted.
>Taking this opportunity, Johna grabbed most of his gear with one hand and the medic with the other before legging it.
>And, as with the unspoken law of the military. When the unit saw their demolitions trooper running away, they tried to keep up.
>And once out of the door, they closed it, locked it and wielded it shut just to make sure that little miss STALKER wouldn't follow.
>We promptly arrive at the landing pad as the extraction craft arrives. We promptly get the fuck on and leave.
>As the craft leaves, if one looked outside they could see Janice watching the craft go, rifle in one hand and teddy in the other.
>She watched in horror as her love is carried away to parts unknown.
>De-brief was conducted a few days later.
>PDF and Arbites forces had stormed the plant , but found no trace of Miss Petrov.
>Our mission was deemed a success and new call signs were provided
>Mine was Heartbreaker

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[x] Investigate crowd.
>Mr frausts BOOM rocks
>Ms stones Caramel apples


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