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I'd like a lich done please.

He hasn't been a lich for very long, and still has skin (although heavily dessicated, like my pic) and a full beard of medium length and slicked back semi-length hair, all white. He wears a suit of crusader-type platemail without any helmet, and is casting a ton of flames.

As menacing as possible.

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I love this guy.

A terribly powerful mage of cunning intellect and a magnificent servant who obeys his lord, while not being an obsequious shitbag. His conversations with Ulyaoth are amazing.

And fun fact, his and Ulyaoth's voice actors are the same person. It explains how they play off of each other so well.

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So /tg/, I have an idea for a D&D campaign. Inspired by Paranoia and Eternal Darkness I hit upon the following concept.
It's an evil campaign wherein the party are a group of cultists working for their respective deities. They are also chosen of their respective gods and receive divine communications at all times, guiding them on their holy quest (me whispering in their ears). But the crux is twofold. To begin, I say respective deities because each of the party members will work for a different evil god and their endgame motivations will differ slightly. Secondly I their gods guidance will be equal parts helpful truths (enemy weaknesses, locations of hidden treasure, whether or not a party member is lying, etc) and vicious lies (falsely accusing party members of lying/hording loot, occasional misdirection, wrong solutions to puzzles, etc).
Done properly the end result would be a campaign in which none of the players trust any other player or even their own god, in a spiraling, duplicitous, back-stab-stravaganza.

What say you /tg/? Do you approve of my designs? How might I bolster the mistrust in general?

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