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>Define "outbreak"

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I wouldn't take Tahril's words as fact. He himself was a brainless foul (His keen Eldar senses did not help him to detect the entire ARMY sneaking under his nose).

Carron only achievement was mopping out the remains of a confused and horrified Guardsmen force already devastated by the warp sorcery and daemons unleashed by the heretical Guardsman.

Not very Impressive.

Anyways, It all does not matter. Kaurava is now a Sept of the Tau Empire free of Chaos treachery, Imperial oppression, or any other menace.

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>hey, he destroyed two Guard regiments

The Psyker Guardsman! He should get all the credit.

He contacted the Gods, he enacted the unholy rituals, he broke the walls of reality with his mind, he summoned the Legion and daemons, and he brought forth the SOULSTORM!

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Is Khorne not entitled to the your skull?

The blood in your veins?

The Gore in your belly?

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Sup /tg/.

Im always told that the chaos gods are not really evil, but simply misunderstood and infact have some good qualities about them.

Can you guys point out some examples of benevolent, honorable or any good deed that Chaos gods have done in their long time of existence.

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If he gets corrupted he would Enslave all humanity to chaos and submerge most of the galaxy in the warp.

Then he would create the primaches to be his lieutenants and champions soon after an event called the Horus redemption will happen and half of his Astrates legions will betray him along with some of his primarch sons.

The emperor will be mortally injured in battle and will be entombed alive inside a tomb throne made of warp stone and eldritch metal becoming a conduit for chaos continuing to spread the taint slowly to all corners of the galaxy.

The traitors will ultimately be defeated and will be forced retreat to the last safe bastion of real space left in the galaxy ''The Eye of Order''.

Periodically the traitor legions will go on bright crusades of purification against the dark imperium of chaos. lead by the hero Marneus Augustus Calgar the traitor legions are the single most dire threat to the imperium and daemon princes of Terra dread the day when Calgar will unite the fragmented traitor legions in heroic final crusade to free humanity from the grasp of chaos.

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Thaddeus: Avitus and Tarkus served on Kronus, but not you, Cyrus.
Cyrus: No. I was assigned to train Scouts for Captain Boreale's campaign in the Kaurava System.
Avitus: A blight on our history.
Thaddeus: Why so? Obviously you all know something. What happened to Captain Boreale?
Cyrus: The Kaurava Campaign did not go well.
Boreale and many others died there - including most of my Scouts.
Tarkus: Kaurava left the Chapter dangerously undermanned.
If we lose our recruiting worlds now, the Blood Ravens will not survive.
Cyrus: Kaurava was a huge mistake. I will not speak of it again.

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