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Welp, looks like I'll be buying at least the first one once I get mo' money then. Rejoice, these threads you run have gotten me into another series and setting. The first one was Muv-Luv.

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Clearly I have much to learn still.

I am but a fool.

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Damn, so we forgot how mommy came around and became a loving parent. Oh boy, that's a big one. But you did say our nemesis sac'd something of greater value in the end so I guess it's a victory overall.

Dear lord Siggy's gonna be an empty shell by the end of this. Does Orion suffer similar penalties when doing it? I mean he's way older and has way more to offer up but please tell me he actually pays for his soul shenanigans too. You can only make someone so broken...

As for style, "I", "you", "he", don't affect me much. So use whatever perspective you like.

Nope, it's gone. Was pumping her full of old corruption anyway and we couldn't land an arc reactor so good riddance. If only we could give her a Vash arm, too bad gun tech is in its infancy here. Blade arm will have to do. Or maybe we could make one that shoots out Oofuda sigils that explode or impede enemy movement. Or put bomb runes on it like Emeth had.

I hope INH let's us customize the thing, I have so many fun ideas.

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>mfw too normal for super nerds
>mfw too nerdy for normals

Life is pain.

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Just did. Yep, he knows, at least some things. Fucker's likely inbound as we speak. The overwhelming power of this force plus him could mean something else entirely however.

He could just kill us all with himself alone, but that would mean killing us and potentially restarting the loop.

He, wouldn't want that. Instead, just capture us alive while a truly overwhelming force deals with/occupies our allies and lock our sorry asses in a dungeon in "heaven" Arcuied Style until he has completed his plans. Or place us in stasis for the rest of eternity if he's really paranoid. Manaphage will make that difficult but I'm sure he's been researching a way around it.

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Was to >>28893806

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Sup /TG/ I'm trying to make some jungle and forest terrain, need help/inspiration/etc

Anyone got some pics/guides and the likes to help?

also general terrain thread.

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>Its a common mistake many new people do - put that effort into making the characters mind instead, otherwise you'll end up with a conveluted backstory and a completly flat character.
>tfw i just realized i made that mistake on my first char

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"Son of" "The Right Hand" and I have no idea what my last name means. Sounds vaguely Germanic.
>I am not someone important. I am not the right hand man of someone important. I am the SON of the right hand man of someone important.

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I'm doing all the work for BJ it appears.

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Well shit. ICH, you better do your best to get some comedy out of this. The Crit demands it! I want to laugh a bit before you make me cry.

Try harder troll. I love good ones, you are not living up to my high standards. Please remedy this.

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You're a needy soul aren't you?
How about a member of the church (monk or nun) who works as the group's mundane healer. You were attached to this covenant by the Vatican and are trying to keep them on a leash. The larger issue is that you were taught that magic has a corruptive influence. So you have to help these people who may need more than just a physical healing.

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Well... I thought they were just ripping Savage Worlds, but apparently that works.

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Oh yeah, I forgot pdfs work on /tg/. Well I'll just-
>Connection Error
Uh. Somewhere else I can upload it?

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That hardly ever happens with /tg/ dice....

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Damn, that's actually the greater risk and it's actually more than probable. Good thing the bleeding hearts like me were on that day or INH would have had a good reason to off her (or force us to give her the vamp pot, he wants it used sooner or later after all).

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Ouch, sounds like a totalitarian regime of some sort as that is quite a lot of control to exercise over a people. Sucks to live in that country it would seem. Shudder to think what happens to foreign smugglers and such looking for a quick buck who get caught. Do they get deported after a mind wipe or just straight summary execution?

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Well, Ame is in no condition to turn this chimera around, splitting up in this Swamp of FUCK YOU is practically suicide, Hadraniel can't just pop back to her shrine...

....I don't know what can be done, guys.

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The changes everything! CASTLETOWNS AWAAAAAY!

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I assumed It's Mami being being nervous.

But now that I think about It...

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>Go to bed at 22:30
>wake up at 6:00
>check thread

Oh, boy; here we go....Well, we can deal with this on Saturday.

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