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No it isn't.

Fluff states that very few 'miracles' happen to the Sisters but it's always a major thing.
An entire unit surviving a blast at ground zero, shrugging off a wall of bullets and tearing your way through the enemy lines, felling a Hive Tyrant in CC, firing on a unit of Terminators and every shot finding every weak point on every suit, killing the lot of them, Not dying and being nursed back to health after every battle for decades whilst leading one of the most successful crusades till someone throws a RAGEQUIT with enough nukes to level a mountain range.

It's never been 18 or so baby miracles popping across the length of 15 minutes barely changing the flow of battle.
Sisters literally pull shit that makes many in the Imperium nervous and questioning reality and their faith, not 'just get lucky'.

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To hell with trying to break the game, I'm just happy I can take Sisters in my Guard army again. The mental image of St. Celestine coming in to save the asses of my luckless Guardsmen is an awesome one.

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In the codex fluff, the Sisters of Battle are second only to Space Marines in fighting the forces of chaos. Their abilities inspired by faith are literally their shield, and they are pure and untainted by chaos. They are seen by many, including guardsmen, as living angels. Instruments of the Emperor's will. When space marine chapters go rogue, they have been called in to wipe them out - and succeeded.

In the novels, they're retards with no faith powers who like to zerg rush the enemy with no sense of tactics. Their armor is as good as tissue paper, and they can be killed by UNARMED MOOKS.

The writers of the codexes (older editions especially) really like them. Everyone at Black Library hates the fuck out of them, especially James Swallow. I mean, my god. He writes them like braindead retards. One of his protagonists (in Faith and Fire) nearly got killed by an unarmed mook by being strangled. While in ARMOR.

They SHOULD be written more like the older codex sisters than the novel sisters. But they are not.

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A sororitas immages thread

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So, what exactly -are- Living Saints?

I remember hearing here on /tg/ that they're greater daemons of the EMPRAH...?

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>>14288031Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and an angelic archetype in the Imperium wouldn't necessarily be "pretty" by our standards.


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>their powers come from faith in the god emporer, isn't that pooled from his own psyche?
>it's like psycher orks, don't they pull from mork and gork, not the warp?
The Gods reside in the warp. Gods can channel power to their followers in non-Psyker-ways (e.g. Chaos Marks) but it's all still warp energy, just the work of controlling and sending it got done by a warp entity rather than the user.

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Bumping with sisters art.

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>other acts that would put to shame the most pure members of the Ecclesiarchy.
Er, they generally spend their time setting heretics on fire or putting them on torture racks.

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This thread is definitely not heresy.

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they don't get anything special besides flamers, faith powers that alter reality by praying hard and avenging angels.

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I believe I'm out boys. Anyone have any more?

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The light of Him on Terra illuminates your lies, degenerate xeno..

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