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I have 2 sorted /tg/ folders. But each are over 1GB in size, so uploading would have meant multiple archives.

This is one of my little unsorted folders with some pretty old material that was still small enough to upload and old/random enough to be interesting.

Weirdly my 2009 shit is also unsorted but in the parent folder, but also in a folder named 2009. I really didn't give a fuck about sorting back then.

This pic should be back from my /b/ phase (not in this archive), but the filename suggests a newer date.
Weird, I probably saved a repost, my oldest pictures didn't survive a HD crash anyway.

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I hang out on /co/ and recently, /vr/.

It's not a proper substitute.

Ironically I went from /b/ to /co/ when I had my fill of retarded superfast threads.

Then I went from /co/ to /tg/ when they had the faggot janitor problem.

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Hi OP. I'm a furfag who plays characters of the other sex.

Hate me yet?

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*kiss* ~ <3

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>it's ok to post porn because other people posted porn before

Yeah lets just post whatever we like, it's not like there are other boards for this sort of content or people come here and don't want to see a man pretending to be a woman posting porn of crossdressers and/or transsexuals.

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The fact is that the batshit insane furries generally don't play tabletop RPGs with other people in the flesh.

They prefer (or rather prefurr, ha! I slay myself) to hang out in enviroments where their delusions are reinforced by other retards like them. (second life for example)

The gamist elements of an RPG enviroment turns it unattractive for headcases because their characters could only exist as overpowered mary sue munchkins or break the game mechanics.
And no sane group would put up with that bullshit.

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