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>R/B Destoroyah with Pestilence on him that only hits other creatures

kinda basic but its the first thing I thought of. love pestilence

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Stat me, /tg/.

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>Her discovery that she herself is GOJIRA!
>Not pic related.

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I don't know about you guys, but last time I checked this satanic beast came really close.

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We could have lots of gimmick Kaiju. Crystals like Space Godzilla, gravity beams like King Ghidorah, or oxygen destroyer like Destroyah.

Don't be afraid to do cameos.

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Then we get this guy showing up a few years later. No thanks.

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In my session of Rogue Trader, the players met a civilisation of what were essentially Mantis Shrimp. Complete with using the stats for Power Fists for their basic unarmed attack. The players are seeking to trade with them before calling the Imperium to tell them of the powerful xeno race that they should exterminate. So, what would an underwater crustacean race trade for?

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Destroyah is kinda lovecraftian, especially his evolutions.

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rolled 81 = 81

Tell Godzilla hes a gimpy fag whos only allowed to go to the super weenie hut

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