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But that's wrong. Every army isn't supposed to make everyone happy. That's kind of the point of having so many armies. Each army holds its own special appeal. The more "for everybody" you make things, the more completely bland they become. As a nid player, I'd imagine you'd respond well to army variation. Well Necrons are for people that don't. Just another opposite between the two armies, I'm afraid.

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The Grey Knights are the only ones allowed by the Imperium to posses such powers and weaponry. Anyone, and that means ANYONE else with such things must either be confiscated of them by whatever means possible, and that's only if they've been deemed to be puritan. Any signs of heresy and the lot of them are DEAD.

You seem to want to make a Radical Space Marine army. Modify the general Space Marine codex with house rules. It will be a lot more fluff-friendly than Grey Knight copypasta imo.

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I asked the United States Games Workshop customer service reps if he had even heard any rumors about new codices, but nooooo, he didn't hear aaaaaanything at aaaaall! I even asked him about a new Dark Eldar codex and he said he had no idea...

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