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Would there even be an Imperium of Man left to enact plans for after that?

SoB are disbanded, marine chapters rebel, endless civil war between those who think the emperor did come back and those who don't, everything chaos said was true, humanity no longer united against the necrons or nids or orks or chaos, every other faction take advantage of all of this shit etc.

And this massive influx of emotion and violence and change... further strengthen chaos as well.

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Holy shit I decided to run a search for them again.

Fuckin 6 DAYS AGO these were uploaded.





Will have to look for Dark Eldar after I listen to these. Shame they don't have the awesome background music the other videos have.

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Should have mentioned, 500/500 points

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Still, any time you look a custode in the eye and say 'No.' you earn a few hundred badass points.

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Holy shit /tg/ how can a webcomic that hasn't been released yet make you shit such a huge pan of assburgers?
Being anal has no place in the inconsistent wankery of 40k.

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