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A while ago, I joined a group where two out of three people claimed to be into doing magic or talking to fairies. "I've always felt I was really half-fey," you know, "my ancestors were a long line of wizards," that kind of bullshit.

I needed a group, but it kind of irritated me. So I explained that MY ancestors worked goddam hard to close the outer gates and keep the baby-stealing fey and magical weirdness out, that the human magic of logic and science and paying attention to the real world instead of living in a fantasy could cure diseases, fly to the moon, nuke the world into bubbling glass, and generally kick the shit out of any mystical bullshit they managed to borrow from the prancing flower-fuckers. I work as a carpenter, I've got a hammer and a shitload of iron nails in my car, and if they really know about anyone summoning minor demons or any places in the forest with large numbers of fairies, please, by all means, TELL ME MORE.

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Pirate pixies

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Hah! I think our esteemed bookish-type friend is trying to prove he's one of the boys by using our lingo. Just a little out of date, is all. Fuck-fairies. Haven't heard that one in fifteen years.

We use the more proper names now, professor. An everyone remember, keep your mouth closed around any winged fey. They think it's hilarious to fly right in. You can keep from breathing their dust in a fight if you're careful, but when they're painting your tongue with it... well, your partner is gonna be dragging your gigglin' ass to safety.


There's one other thing to try if you think your stones are as steel as your codpiece. Unless you're dealing with a Roc Harpy, it'll take at least two to carry you off. Meaning, if you're not paralyzed with fear and clinging for sweet life like any sane man would when he gets over-familiar with the clouds, you CAN fight one off and try to force the other into a... semi-controlled descent.

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Sounds like the kind of roguelike you're looking for is Assassin. They're the style of sneak in through the front door, be the life of the party, become fast friends with the owner of the mansion, get him to show you his trophy room, kill him while his back is turned, and go back to the party with no one being the wiser.

-So, distribute your attributes as desired, this should be familiar to you if you've played any D&D past second edition.

-Origin Skills. Always class skills for you, no matter what class you're currently in. We'll go with Blend and Intimidation (Or Blend and Disguise, if you don't want to go into Swashbuckler later).

-Race: Human. For the Human Talent, we'll go with Gifted. Choose your attribute adjustments, jot down your Basic Skill Mastery feat (We'll go with "Spy" for Disguise and Notice), note that you have two fewer proficiencies, take another Origin Skill (How about Acrobatics for a future in Swashbuckler?), one more skill point per level.

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ohgod,it's like I'm on /d/!

122/f/straight on till morning

Looking for younger men, must like dressing in green!

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>You wouldn't pirate a hooker?
Actual pirates actually pirated actual hookers.
Some pirates actually hooked hookers with their hook hands.

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I want /tg/ to be less than 100 percent shitposts, that's all.

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I vote we all just fap to Tinkerbell, instead.

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I'm thinking of running a Pirate RP that started off as a joke.

All players are pixies/fairies, like, small enough to use a thimble as a tankard, prongs of forks as sword blades and flintlock pistols as cannons. They sail a toy boat on a city's pond and have a pirate's cove under a bridge. They board other toy boats, attack ducks, fight of seagull attacks and steal from the 'giant' folk.

My players actually seem really interested.

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She doesn't look very abused. But we always knew she was a slut, didn't we?

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She fucking counts.

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Obvious, really.

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