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Just for you.
Top Gear trying to kill a Toyota pickup truck.
Now you know why they're the best pickup trucks ever.

Jesus arm wrestling satan related.
Because Jesus blessed toyota pickup trucks with godlike invulnerability.

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Hello /tg/,
For shits and giggles, im going to be running a probably 3 session Hell Campaign for my current group. lvl 20 Gestalt so about lvl 40ish.

What Should I throw at them? besides the Devil himself.
Also, no Tarrasque...?

Give me your best because my player's don't go down without a fight.

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I'll just leave this here and let you folks argue over this while I get back to work.
Jason Bulmahn, a designer on D&D 3.5, 4th edition is now working for Paizo on Pathfinder. In his blog, he has effectively stated that the edition wars of D&D are bullshit and all it does is prevent new people from getting into the hobby. RPGs are already one of the most challenging types of game to get into, and now people have to worry about playing the correct version, because if they play the wrong version, according to you folks, they're not going to have fun correctly or won't have fun at all. Note how I have not said anything about any specific edition in that sentence, because regardless of the edition anyone chooses, other groups of other edition fans will try to ruin the other parties' fun.

In D&D alone, we're in a time where two good companies are competing to produce better products. This is good, because competition will always breed better products. Never mind what will happen to the rest of the RPG hobby, D&D is baby's first RPG. It is the gateway to the hobby. This is a good time for RPGs, don't ruin this for the rest of us by making RPGs even harder to get into.

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I believe that if God exists humanity knows very little about him/her/it and just base their ideas of old legends and a cult leader that died 2000 years ago. As for sins they are just there serving as ancient laws to keep people from trolling each other in to a shitstorm of rage.

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E-mail: roll+1d100
Highest roll wins.

Who worships this God?


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ITT: Fantasy etymologies for anachronistic terms.

Oh, over in the Theocracy of [name], their priests serve as shock troops. All pumped-up by magic, hulking and huge...they tore through ordinary soldiers. But they keep all their clothing on, including their funny little hats, so we called them Canons.
Then a rumor started that they cannibalized the dead, so we started calling the poor slaughtered soldiers Canon Fodder.

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Witty quote thread?

A priest, standing by Voltaire's death bed: "Please! Use the precious few moments you have left! Renounce Satan!"

Voltaire: "Now, now, my good man, this is no time for making enemies."

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rolled 6 = 6

as much as I'd like to help out, I have to save points to keep this world from being consumed by Evil in the Second Age.

Saving for points. 5+roll

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rolled 7 = 7

Based on what's been posted so far...
Dokanon: Lawful Evil, created by Vazath
Histra: Neutral Good(?), created by Bert
Foonj: True Neutral (I assume), created by Sike
The Vigil: Lawful Good, created by Bert

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I pulled it off, /tg/. I actually split the party and made some of them join the BBEG willingly, without using threats of force. Two of them fled, one defected, and the other stayed to fight and was shot and killed by the defector. I was only half expecting this.

Is this, to put it colloquialy, win?

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I think we're very likely to have a good deal of Evil Gods as it is.

Also, could we say, make an atheist state? Where the people's belief go towards a philosophy rather than a God? Say, the philosopher is praised and revered, so what would otherwise be a Prophet unit becomes the Physical Manifestation of Belief in this philosophy?

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