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A few slightly dangerous mutants make their existence known and are swiftly put out of their misery by the mercy of the Arbites' truncheons. The heads of the more interesting specimens are sent to the local magos biologos for an autopsy. Praise the God-Emperor.

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Personally for what you're talking about I would suggest using Blood Angels as the core codex for all your chapters. Then allying in one Black Templar Troop squad and one Black Templar HQ as themselves. This will keep the allies thing less confusing because the allied chapter will actually be what they're painted as.

You can take one ally per FOC yes. And at 2,000 points you get 2 FOCs. And while there's a restriction that your two primary FOCs must be the same codex, there is no such restriction about allies.

At 2,000 points you could, if you so chose, build an army that looks like this:

Blood Angels Primary Detachment 1
Black Templars Allied detachment

Blood Angels Primary Detachment 2
Space Wolves Allied detachment

Using the allies as themselves and counts-as Blood Angels as all the other chapters in your crusade.

There's no real reason to pick the BA codex over the Space Marine one as your main list. I just think the furious charge is sorta characterful. You could pick any of the power armour books as your core list. They're pretty interchangeable based on whatever suits your fancy.

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Okay I like that a LOT.

The diplomacy menu is great, though it still requires some extra effort to write up profiles for certain centers of power. But a lot less effort for a sizeable payoff. You'll make a ton of nerds happy just by giving little shout-outs to their favourite forge/home/craft world in the diplomacy bar. It's a solution with many benefits.

And I believe my urge for a long running campaign of "lets see what happens in 2,000 years of game time" can be mostly sated just by minding my little corner of the galaxy for that long, since I don't think you guys have any intention of programming in like an "end boss" or anything silly. The game could theoretically go on for as long as my chapter survives.

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Is there a problem, infant?

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1. Seven feet... -ish. Eight in armour.

2. It's usually just a good idea. Technically speaking they're entirely separate organizations and can't really pull rank on each other, but unless you're a badass admiral chances are you have less experience than a space marine and should do what they instruct. That said, if you're a badass admiral, you might get to give a squad of space marines orders if they're deployed under your command. They'd probably even listen to you.

3. Most cap out at that level. The bigger ones aren't really 'ships' anymore so much as 'small moons with engines' like the Dark Angels' "Rock" or the Imperial Fists' golden Death Star "Phalanx"

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What you're talking about is a crusade. A specific kind of crusade.

If a chapter is completely crippled (IE less than 75 marines left in the chapter total) they will either be

A) retired from active duty for a century or two while the AdMech use clone slugs to make lots more gene seed at a rapid pace to rebuild the chapter. Then another century training them to be a proper chapter again. This does not happen THAAAAT often.

B) More likely, the chapter survivors declare an unending crusade against the foe that destoyed their chapter and will continue to fight until all the marines die. Meanwhile the chapter is declared destroyed, its chapter number is repurposed and Mars begins using their gene stocks to construct a new chapter to replace them.

C) They all join the Deathwatch and serve there as if it is their new chapter. This is the wisest use of Imperial resources. As such it happens most frequently to the chapters too damaged to stay as a fighting force on their own.

What you want to do to tidy up your army fluff is decide what kind of crusade your survivors are embarking on. Is it a penitant crusade? Did the core chapter that most of the force is comprised of make some huge mistake that this is their punishment for? Or is this all the brainchild of some xenos inquisitor, bringing together stray marines that are no longer on the Administratum radar as his own personal army?

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"Say my lord, remember when 4chan was good?"
"4chan was never good, fellow citizen. Move along, the Emperor protects."

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If you could upload it, I would love you forever

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>imperium and eldar teaming up

just like the good old days

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Here's another fanmade thing I like to use for scale.

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There was a lot of noise.

Mommy said that bad men were coming, and that we had to get out of the house. I only had time to get my boots on and grab Gabe before the screams started rushing past our door.

I remember mommy running with the crowd, and holding me really close. She was talkin' to the Emperor and asking him to watch over me, and to deliver us to something. People started falling; mommy told me to keep quiet when I wanted to help them up. She told me not to look back, but I had to to make sure Gabe was okay after getting bumped. I saw big men that looked like Gabe... but not like him. They were spiky and scary and it hurt my head to look at them. They were screaming really loud, and into my head, but Gabe protected me and mommy, and we managed to get ahead with some people from the block. We ran around corners, and took alleys, and all the shortcuts that mommy had to learn at work, but there were always more and more spiky Gabes around the corner.

Some of the spiky Gabes came through a wall, and tried to grab me and my mommy. They missed, her shoulders, but knocked us to the ground. Mommy screamed at me to run away. All I could do was hold Gabe close and ask him for help. There was a click, a flash of light, and then a bang.

When the world stopped ringing, the spiky Gabes were all broken. Mommy was still crying, but now she seemed happier. She thanked the Emperor for his blessing. I thanked Gabe for calling his big brothers in to help my mommy.

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>that feel when 40k has the best architecture around
Also, sorry to hijack the thread, but does anyone know if you get the CE of Space Marines, will it come with a code to redeem it through Steam? THQ support is no help at all.

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I laugh at the thug almost not believing his stupidity. Then he Shoots me, by a miracle the bullet went through my eye and tore my brain to mush.
Level one thug then proceeds to loot as much of my shit as he can carry.

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<- Civilians, in my 40k?

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Depends on the artist bro. Most of the time, I see Tac Marines in armor being between 8 and 10 feet tall. Then there's this artist.

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Hey, /tg/. So, I have a HUGE Warhammer 40K collection that I'm looking to sell. I have tonnes of items, enough to make several complete armies. I'm also selling all my hobby stuff. If anyone is interested, shoot me an email at [email protected] I will be more than reasonable about price. Ask any questions you may have by email. Serious inquiries only. I will be regularly bumping this thread.

Pic related.

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What's the lifestyle of the general population in the Warhammer 40K universe? I mean, besides those who are in the army. I've always wondered that. I know that recruitment is almost obligatory (at best), but what happens with the rest of the human population?

Pic somewhat related.

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Does anyone have a torrent of the new Ultramarines movie?

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OK so a chapter of Space Marines have just finished bombing a city to save it from some kind of taint, and then launch a couple of "away-teams" to find out if there is any threat left. And the space marines (on the picture) seesthis shocked mom and her daughter finally emerging from their shelter after days/weeks of explosions and fire.

Would the space marine be all heartwarming and nice to the little girl, petting her on the head and putting her on his shoulderpad?

Or would he be all up in their faces with "Ma'am, you are in a restricted area! Leave immidiately or you and your daughter will be prosecuted and shot for disobedience."?


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Gentlemen, Look at this picture. What has happened here?

We see Space Marines, which are generally called in when for realz firepower is required, but there is also a freaking Imperator Titan in the background.

What kind of serious shit is going on here??

And what is a mother and her daughter doing in the midst of this madness?

I have a theory gentlemen.

The mother and daughter are running from the enemy. They round the corner onto a main causeway and see hulking figures marching toward them. The mother pulls the daughter into a long since abandoned building, and causes the girl to drop her doll. The mother pulls her daughter close and starts whispering prayers to the emperor. They see the boots of the enemy in the doorway, the eyes of the enemy follow soon after, and immediately after that, the fool is turned into red mist.


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