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Sadly there has been no news of this. It was a hypothetical, but I reckon it could happen. You?

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Hey /tg/ right now I'm building 500pts lists for different armies. It's something that's not brought up to much so any help would be appreciated.
I'm mainly trying to beat a guy who just brings his Wraithknight to the table.
Also please don't go on about how 40k aint made for 500pts. If you want to do that go somplace else.
Also general small 40k games thread.

Ethereal: 50p
14Kroot+Sniper rounds: 133p
5Pathfinders(need 5 to stop leadership retards): 55P
Hammer rape + ION + SMS +sensor spines + disruption pod
+seeker missile: 153p

===== 499p

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If you have a best Quality MMI implant and you encounter a downed Space Marine Dreadnought that is disabled but the Dreadnought itself is intact and operational the only problem being that the SM pilot was too hurt to pilot it, is there any real problem with fixing it then crawling inside (assuming you fit into the part with the SM without killing him) could you pilot a dreadnought?

Assuming that you have the technical skills to do it, the only real problem i can see is making friends with the SM as you have joint control of the dreadnought kinda like a titan.

Also your MMI kinda results in a mind merge with the original pilot so if you are a traitor/heritech he will just self destruct so you better be loyal.

So i guess the question is could a loyal servant of the Imperium (titan crew, mechanicus, anyone with a MMI) jack into a Dreadnought in an extreme situation and help the guy control the dreadnought assuming that the second guy could fit into the dreadnought coffin?

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Hello /TG/ I was wondering if you could lend me your input. A friend of mine bought the assault on black reach set with his brother. He chose the Space Marines his brother got the orks. I have a large collection of tau.What would be the most fair list for me to bring to bare against both. I want us all to have fun.

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Why Giant sarcophagus?

Why not re-engineer dreadnaughts to be piloted by people? Give them to both guard and marines?

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At the end of the video when it says "Also available," did anyone else think that they were going to say "We have lovely Space Marines that you can buy too!"

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So, I play Tau and Eldar, and the last few games with my friends we have had uneven numbers. First was a 3k game of DAs and Tau verusus a Necron army, with thee monoliths and a flyer. We lost.

Last week was the same for 'my' team, but the same guy ths time brought Daemons (old codex for the last time) with twin Helldrakes, two damon princes, and a Bloodthirster. We actually managed to pull out a slim win on this one, with my Shas'el managing to trade blows with it without going down, even if he couldn't take it down either.

This time, however, I noted that someone else should be the larger force... and I was the only one with a force big enough. So I either have to take 3k of Tau, or a combo of Tau and Eldar. I don't fancy my chances, as depending on what my enemies bring i'll either be fighting Dark Angels or Imperial Guard, and New Daemons or Necrons, or Orks.

Thoughts on what are a 'must take' for the list, and stratagies?

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Did any new fluff surface explaining why Tau and Space Marines are Battle Brothers in the new rulebook?

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actually they fight even after death

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As a Tau player and just a general 40k fan, do you know anything about 6th edition or the possibility of a planned Tau codex? if not do you have any knowledge of current codices in production?

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because dreadnoughts are awesome too

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I like it when the Tau have victories, even relatively massive victories, but their appeal lies more in the in the fact they are an optimistic little empire surrounded by a universe of grim dark shit.

Yes, their aesthetic may not fit into 40k as well as other factions. Their lack of warp powers, their insignificance, their naivety, and their mech suits don't fit 40k as well as Tyranids, Orks, and (obviously) the Imperium but at the end of the day, I still find that they have their place.

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"To follow any path other than the Tau'va is to doom us all. Only together and with courage and discipline shall we stand victorious. Fight with fire and courage and nothing can stand against us."
Commander Shadowsun

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SO my mates want to run a SW miniatures campaign, in which Hive Fleet Behemoth somehow reaches the Galaxy Far, Far Away. He's bringing a 5000 pt nid army against me, and I don't know what nastiness is in store for me.

As for me, I'm bringing the might of the GCW era Empire. This is my full list of minis:

1 Emperor Palpatine
1 Lord Vader
4 Sith Lord(s) (2 saber-staffs/2 dual wielding)
5 Imperial Guard
4 AT/AT walkers
8 AT/ST "chicken" walkers
10 Scout Troopers with Speederbikes
10 Stormtrooper heavy weapon troopers (missle launchersx5/heavy repeaterx5)
8 Stormtrooper Officers (Vibroswords and blaster pistols)
50 Stormtrooper rifleman w/thermal detonators
100 Imperial Army troops w/ E-11's

is my body ready, /tg/? Wat should I work on?

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So are there any Tau in the game? I'm not playing it if there aren't tau.

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Planning on playing an imperial psyker in dark heresy soon, anyone got tips/advice?

Pic not related, but badass.

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/tg/ do you have any cool warhammer scenarios.

I have a friend comming to play a game of 40k later. and we were thinking of mixing it up a bit.

my making out own special scenario.

but i'm having trouble thinking of a good idea.

what are some awesome ideas that you've seen done, or just make something up.

I have a 4'x7' table

I play tau and he plays guard.

I don't mind if one side is at a disadvantage, i'd automatically assume that sides role simply because i usually do very well against him.

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