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Humans like this?


I'd support that.

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Christ what are we doing so many dead peasants god damn why don't balanced armies worrrrrkkkkk fuck there goes my lone mamluk.

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Okay, you also need to make some notes about differences between army systems and how officer mobility worked. Brits, for instance, could buy officer positions- a way into command outside of heroism or birth.

Are there mass battle rules in any Dark Heresy supplements? Don't know if that would be your focus. Also, you should throw down nation specific starter packages, example, Spanish Guerrilla, French refugee, Polish Legionnaire, etcetera etcetera.

Also also also also, any chance you could throw in Ottomans? They were off on the sidelines, but a few were around for Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, dad gummit!

Please tell me what you'd like from the community, I'd like to see this thing become a reality (my OTHER project got...Creepy).

As far as backgrounds go, as noted earlier, you may want to have a split pool of choices per nation. An Irish farmer is VERY different from your average English orphan.

And I hope you were inspired by the 'Sharpe's' series? And and and and and and i should shut up

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>Low tier
>Thousand-year empire carrying on the legacy of the Persians, the Chinese, the Arabs, and the Romans at the same time
>Raped the Arab world before the Mongols came along
>Controlled more territory than most empires can dream of
Son, you just herped in your derp.
Also, the image you used for the Ottomans was T.E. Lawrence and the Bedouins, who fought against the Ottomans. Good job there, captain retard.

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Maybe I should try again another time...

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You could still find work, brah.

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