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P.S. Would love to see those pictures. Looking forward to it, OP.

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We're all very very new.

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Shit, is it really that bad? I'm buying a ork battleforce and two of my other bros are getting tau/space marine battleforce sets.

I'll feel bad if I stomp him

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>> "Right you gits, lissen up! We's the biggest and dead killiest around. These humies want a good scrap and the Red Boyz'r gonna give it to 'em! WAAAAGHH!!"

With this short, sweet and resounding battlespeech, your Boyz are pumped for battle. You gear up, and get ready as the massive *THUD* of the Rok's landing resounds through the Loading Bay. The massive rusted doors slowly open, their thundering creaking begins loudly, but is soon drowned by the roar of combat. Finally, the scene you've been waiting for appears in front of you: A battle larger than anything you could have dreamed.

"ALRIGHT GITS, LETZ GET KRUMPIN!" You roar as you rev your motor, and the Red Boyz rush out of the hangar. The WAAAGH! Has begun...

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Dear /tg/.

A good friend of mine has been having some really shit gaming experiences in Warhammer 40,000 for the past month or so. Every game he's played has ended with the dice failing him at each turn. I haven't seen every game he's played in for the past month, but the few that I did witness were embarrassingly shit.

Last weekend, for example, he entered an 1850 point tournament with a beautifully painted Ravenwing army and lost to Tyranids. I didn't watch the whole thing because I had a game of my own to get into, but it was very depressing.

Later on, last weekend, he lost a 2000 point game, playing a mechanized Space Ork Goff list against a Khorne Berserker army. Within the first two turns he lost most of his armoured support, then he was chopped into mince meat during the final close combat rounds.

I asked him if he's been using the same dice and he said no. Tried a different set each time but it seems the forces of chaos conspire to keep his rolling mojo at shit levels.

I'd like to do something to cheer him up but I'm not entirely sure what to do. He's a real bro and the guy who got me back into playing 40k as Space Orks and I hate seeing someone's dice rolling mojo leave them like that.

Wat do, /tg/? I was thinking of giving him my first looted vehicle but I'm not sure if that would fix his dice luck.

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